What Does Sex Mean In The Man’s Life?

Men’s health and sex are inextricably connected. If the sexual life of a man flows measured and does not feel any ups and downs, then he has every chance to meet the old age in the full bloom of health and strength.

Men’s health and sex – is the concept that cannot be read out separately. Healthy man necessarily interested in sex. This is his direct purpose. Nature created him so that he continued on his generation. Therefore, man’s health and sex life go together.
How to improve the health of men through sex
Man’s health can be greatly improved if to establish his sex life. Not only physical satisfaction is needed, but also moral satisfaction from sex.
If a man lives an active sex life, but he does not feel any emotion, it would soon begin the extinction of his sexual function.
Nature created a man in such a way that only as long as a man has a desire of reproduction, he can feel himself a true man. As soon as he ceases to be a hunter, and to take satisfaction from intercourse with a woman as a conqueror, then the nature immediately strikes back. It makes a man impotent. He is no longer interested in sex in any form.

Health of men and sex is an issue that has always interested physicians. Why do those men who are not “Casanova” live much longer and better? After all, in theory, the more sexual partners and contacts, the greater must be produced hormones and harder to be healthy.
But it is not so simple. Studies show that it is reasonable sex life with a steady partner leads to such results:

– a man will be longer sexually active than those who change sexual partners;
– does not suffer from cardiovascular disease;
– is not inclined to baldness;
– is not overweight.
How does sex affect the health of men?
How does sex affect men’s health? It is very simple – with the help of the hormones. Hormonal man is a mystery that has not been fully unraveled by the scientists. Almost all of the processes of the human life are controlled by the hormones. Hormones are responsible for growth and mental ability, firmness of the skin and digestion. Hormones are our assistants and protectors.

Of particular importance are the sex hormones. If there are any deviations from normal health men can very quickly come to such a state that he would face death from a heart attack, stroke or irreversible changes in the liver parenchyma.

Regular sex has a tremendous impact on the health of men. Those of them, who do not keep a regular sex life and is not sexually active, will soon begin to suffer from various chronic diseases.

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