Achieve Social Mastery With These 5 Simple Tips

Want to improve your social interaction skills to become a social master of any social environment whenever to control your social destiny?

Social interaction is like performing in a movie scene. You think of your environment you are in as your movie scene and you perform in it.

Now what should you do in an unusual circumstance and don’t know how to interact socially (no script and unrehearsed shall we say)?

Watching a movie, notice how life always seems so much more engaging with the exaggeration Hollywood place on it?

Shall we give credit to some of those great screenwriters?

What can you take away from this? The way social dynamics interaction is unfolded, social psychology is applied, human behavior is occurred in movies are pretty much comparable to real life, although more polished and more thought-out by talented screenwriters.

Learning the structures and how to write screenplays can help you understand a lot about human interactions and pick up a lot of clever witty-lines and well-polished human responses you will only hear in movies because of the time taken to write them,

Watch some great movies that are not too out there where the character can actually be an everyday real person, and notice how he responds to other people and the world.

Want to learn how to be funny? Watch comedy shows, typically sit-coms, and take note where the parts that made you laugh, ask yourself “why?” “what was it?”. Study the structures that went behind the humor, and imitate it in the real world.

And as much as we all hate them, you can learn a lot from watching reality shows. I don’t mean those lame game shows where the government taxes almost all your winning money, but where people are constantly interacting with each other, and be aware of the change of the dynamics when alliances are built and backstabbers come out; take notes of those kinds of people and what motivates them and their personality. This will help you understand the patterns of those people’s sub-behaviors, behaviors under the radar, to either avoid or handle those people in the real world.

Getting involved in theater and acting, especially improvisation, which I can’t recommend enough are the most valuable things you can get involved in. They can help you a lot to help improve your social performance whenever you out in social gatherings.

Think of yourself as an all-around actor able to adapt to the ideal character for that scene and how he would handle it expertly.

Now go out and become a social master!

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