Best Premature Ejaculation Techniques

Curing premature ejaculation techniques come with a list of verities of treatments and tricks that help overcoming the problem of early climax. A 2004 survey revealed that most of the middle-aged men suffer from this embarrassing problem. Fortunately, good Premature Ejaculation Techniques are available but then choosing the best one depends on you.

The problem of is quite common in youth, especially for those experiencing the lovemaking for the first times. This is because for these events, the level of sexual arousal is very high. Anyway, let us look at a straightforward technique.

Take a deep breath whenever you feel that you are approaching the climax. According to expert sexologists, this would briefly get you a pause in the ejaculation reflex.

Once you successfully achieve above mentioned step, squeeze just below the tip of the organ when the orgasm is imminent for approximately 10 seconds. Simultaneously, think about something boring and take off your sight from exciting organs of your sexual partners and you are done! During the foreplay and main-plays, stopping and starting sexual arousal can help you lengthening the time you require to reach orgasm and hence this whole processed can be augmented with squeezing technique.

Other premature ejaculation techniques include testes tug and pelvic muscle contraction. Testes tug is done when you are almost near to come. In this premature ejaculation technique, the scrotums are brought down carefully that have gone higher and closer to the body during sexual excitement and near-to-orgasm phase. This may help holding your ejaculation and may work as one of the best curing premature ejaculation techniques. For another technique of pelvic muscle contraction (PC -pubococcygeous), you have to squeeze the pelvic floor muscles and structures around (such as penis, scrotums and anus) very gently. This is done while approaching the orgasm. It’s one of the easiest treating premature ejaculation techniques and can be practiced very well while urinating. While urinating, interrupt the urine stream by stopping in between a couple of times. This includes every muscle to work and you may have control over your ejaculation while lovemaking.

Breathing techniques (called as pranayama according to yoga gurus and Ayurveda) are few of the most reliable curing Premature Ejaculation Techniques. This has been practiced not only to cure problems like early ejaculation but they are also beneficial to help overcoming other physical and mental ailments. Taking a deep breath from one nostril (left) while other is closed using the thumb, holding the breath then by pressing both the nostrils together for 3-5 seconds and then releasing the air from the right nostril (by releasing the thumb) is simplest among all curing premature ejaculation techniques. The art of pranayama is said to work on every single body cell/tissue and help curing almost all the ailments including early climax. There are different pranayama techniques that one can learn from yoga guru.

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