Build Your Social Life From Scratch Anyway, Anytime!

Finally, it’s time I talk about college game

Want to meet lots of hot girls from colleges, even though you don’t go to their school?

College…the haven of young gorgeous girls finally away from the rulings of the parents for the first time…without any rule or restriction, but what if you don’t know anybody or go to their school?

I have built my social circle from scratch time again, coming out of high school with no friends, then moving to a collge without knowing a single soul, and moved to brand new city being a total stranger.

Whatever kind of situation you’re in can be handled.

For this case, it is a social networking thing. Since you don’t go to their university and don’t know the people, here’s what I recommend you do.

The power of the internet these days make it a breeze to meet people, so search on social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace for people within those college networks you want to meet. Browse throughout those profiles for cool guys who might be popular with a lot of girls, usually these are the frat guys. Keep in mind that a lot of them are not going to add you and will probably going to question you why you are adding them, especially when you have no mutual friends at first. Let it be known you’re not a threat to them, and ask something like you’re going to transfer there next year and want to meet new people, and they seem cool.

Leisurely befriend them once they added you, otherwise you will trigger their “another value-craver wanting to ride with the big dogs” radar. Comment on their status or photo, show them you’re one cool dude. Ask them when are they having a party at their house, and look up for the events they are hosting or attending. When you go on their campuse one, be sure to have girls with you or find them around cammpus before going in.

When you get in the party, your job is to find out who the frat brothers are, who will likely be the ones monitoring and working the party. Don’t focus too much on partying but instead on networking and meeting people. Chat up with the brothers and help them if you can.

Here in your situation since you’re trying to befriend the guys there, meet some girls as well but don’t think about getting them; pickup some girls and introduce them to the frat brothers.

Even though they are part of a fraternity doesn’t mean they don’t have fear in picking up girls. Help the guys meet some girls, and if you happen to be really good at pickup, impress them with that, and be willing to offer the girls over to them. You are at their party remember.

Ask the girls how they’re doing like you’re actually a frat brother there, to show you have a certain status from the other guys. There is no easier way to go about than that.

Stay there until the party is over, this is when there will be less people and usually it will be the brothers who will still be there. Treat yourself like you’re part of the frat and help with the clean-up or any other assistance. This is the crucial time, so don’t slack off and get to know the brothers. Let them know you are a cool guy, and tell them how awesome party that was, and be sure to get their contact information.

If show you’re not another leeching guy who’s only interested in crashing their parties to meet girls, they will definitely invite you back when you want.

Become a regular by acting like a regular, ask when the next party will be and tell them you’re brining girls.

These small connections will grow exponentially, but be sure to nourish them or they will wither, and you will be meeting hot girls or cool friends who could introduce you to hot girls.

That’s how you meet girls in college.

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