Does A Little Quantity Of Testosterone Lead To Early Death?

The lower testosterone levels in the blood of men, the greater the risk of an early death – especially from cardiovascular diseases.

Such a conclusion was made recently by scientists at Cambridge University, studying British men from 40 to 79 years.

“Men with low testosterone levels have higher death rates for various reasons, but particularly due to cardiovascular disease,” says one of the scientists. “We have also studied the cancer, but found no relationship between testosterone levels and cancer.”

Nearly 12,000 men participated in this long-term research from 1993 to 1997. More than 800 of them have not lived until 2003, they were among the 1,500 people who had low testosterone levels.

After the modern medicine had proved the effect on the longevity of such factors as age, smoking, overeating, overweight, alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and even social status, it is now proved the connection between the possibility of early death and low testosterone levels.

“We found out that men with low testosterone are prone to early death,” said the scientist, “but studies like ours should be held in different countries and more massive, so we can say that the results are the same everywhere.”

Professor of Urology of the University of Rochester in New York is not surprised by the results of studies of their British colleagues. He thinks that low testosterone is typical for men with so-called “metabolic syndrome” which includes obesity, high level of sugar content in blood, cholesterol, high blood pressure and many other factors.

“I am absolutely not surprised by these results. It is known that low testosterone levels are closely associated with metabolic syndrome, which is the cause of diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular system,” says the professor.

Low testosterone levels is bad, but there is no guarantee that the treatment of “pumping” of testosterone would have positive results. There is a complexity associated with such studies, since to determine if it helps in the clinical setting, there are risks associated with the severe consequences that can lead to prostate cancer among those on whom will be conducted similar experiments.

“Our research may prove that the completion of testosterone in clinical settings can improve the level of this hormone in the blood. But in order to prove it empirically, there is a serious ethical problem: many people believe that testosterone pleonasm can cause prostate cancer, “commented scientists.

“This issue needs further more thorough study,” continued the professor. “We have no evidence that the alignment of the normal level of testosterone may increase the risk of prostate cancer at men, and for some of our research is even reduce it.”

The last thing we want to point out that testosterone levels may improve naturally. Many studies suggest that sports, martial arts, as well as many other “pure male” activities contribute to the natural increase in testosterone levels. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and problems with sex, on the contrary, lower level. Therefore, every man should think seriously about what is “masculine” activities will help him live a long, healthy life.

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