End Your Breakup – How To Get Him Back From Another Girl

So another girl has stolen your boyfriend and you want to know how to get him back? How can you steal him back from the clutches of that wicked tramp and keep him hopelessly and eternally devoted to you and you alone?

Whether your ex was lured away by another woman or if he has moved on and started a relationship with another girl it is absolutely possible to get him back. You might feel that things are hopeless right now or that your chances are slim of ever getting him back but I am here to tell you that with a little skill and some careful thought it is possible to get him back from the other woman.

You Are Suspect – You should keep in mind that your motives from here on out will always be suspect in the eyes of your ex. Both he and his new romantic interest will be watching your every move to most methods that you might think would work to get him back are useless.

Trying to talk to him alone is going to be nearly impossible and even if you could get him alone he is going to expecting you to try to talk him into coming back to you. Any attempt to start rumors about his new girl will point back to you and a cat fight over your ex is just very “high school” and will probably just make you look like a fool.

Move Him Emotionally – If you really want to change his mind and make him fall back in love with you again you are going to have to hit him where it hurts. You are going to have to attack him where he is most vulnerable and that is his heart. You need to be able to move him emotionally and get him to feel something for you again without being obvious.

While most guys might say that they aren’t emotional at all, every guy has a heart and every guy is subject to the emotional tactics that we’ll be using. That is what makes them so powerful and effective. His emotions will overcome any obstacle that stands between him and you and once you learn how to move him emotionally his feelings about you, your breakup and his new girlfriend will change almost overnight.

While others might tell you to just move on and find someone new to overcome the pain of your breakup the truth is that getting him back using emotions is not only simple but also highly effective. After all, the pain of knowing that he is with someone else is something you have to deal with every day and the sooner you can get him back the better, right?

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