Erectile Dysfunction Is The Problem Of A Lot Of Men.

Men are often faced with such a problem as faint erection to support sexual intercourse or absence of it. The problem is meticulous, but it has the solution, if you understand the reasons for its occurrence.

The basic cause of impotence has a psychological basis, although the physiological factors should not be discounted, for example, neuropathy, which arose as a result of diabetes.

Mental health problems can be caused by disorders such as premature ejaculation, insufficient ejaculation or insufficient pleasure, in spite of an orgasm. The same man may suffer from several disorders at once.

The cause of such maladies may be wrong thoughts and male guideline to himself, to the partner. In such cases it is necessary to minimize the fear of dangers of sexual intercourse. A positive emotional coloring of events may help in it. If, for instance, an erection occurs only in the position behind, you need to use more often this position, maintaining your emotional background at a high level. Having experienced the feeling of victory once, it is driven the desire to repeat the action again.

The problem is that the men’s body cannot perform the primary sexual function – an erection of the tentum. Many reasons or factors might lead to such a diagnosis. Most often, impotence is due to heart problems, diabetes, and chronic high blood pressure.

This problem is very common nowadays, because 80% of men suffer from this illness. Three out of ten men have hormonal problems. Almost always impotence leads to vascular pathology, which means a low flow of blood to the male genitals or blood stagnation.

Having a weak flow of blood, to achieve an erection is very hard and time-consuming, while it turns out not qualitative. And when the cause of impotence is stagnation of blood, an erection of the tentum is achieved quickly, but ends the same way that creates a problem for men. Sometimes even a profession can cause these reasons, for example, the driver (long-term vibration) or a programmer, who have a sedentary lifestyle.

It is important for men to remember that impotence is also caused sometimes by overactive sex life or deliberate delay of ejaculation. The disease may also arise after mechanical trauma of the penis or nearby tissue. Sometimes even a small genital trauma can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Some kinds of drugs can have side effects as impotence. It is antihistamines or group of drugs, which is designed to lower blood pressure, can have an impact in the form of impotence. Do not take these categories of drugs for more than five days. And people who have heart problems should be very careful when taking nitroglycerine with Viagra, because such mixing has very bad results.

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