Excess Weight Is The Main Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction.

According to recent investigations of American scholars – stout people have problems in sex more on 25%, than people with normal weight. In such cases, both men and women abstain from sex, the desire and need for it is lowering.

Quite often in the popular medical literature it is told about diseases growing up from adiposity. It is discussed diabetes, hypertension, stenocardia, etc. But there is no word about that adiposity – is reason for the decline in sexual activity, the appearance of sexual disorders.

The main cause of these disorders can be a psychological factor – fat people are ashamed of their adiposity, and go to the sexual contact worse. So, they have a coterie.

Men with “beer belly” risk their potency without taking action to reduce weight. After all, in these males the hormonal balance reduces and male hormones are not sufficient for erection.

The cause of overweight is actual to those people who abuse the beer, love to pamper themselves with a generous amount of food. Of course, we cannot discount the metabolic disease due to any diseases and hereditary predisposition. People who lead an active lifestyle are less prone to adiposity. In all forms of obesity a metabolic disorder appears, or, as stated above, it is already present. Secretion of hormones, sex and all others slows off. In this connection, it is noted that fat men have prostatitis and prostate cancer more often.

In this way, changes in the appearance with the disruption of the physical condition lead to the decrease in mental and emotional state of men. And we are talking not so much about decrease in libido, but about reduced self-esteem. It is established that, by continuing sex life, a fat man improves his emotional background and increases the possibility of reducing weight. Sexual activity – is a gift for a fat man, it renews the hormonal background, gives a physical load and improves mood. Testosterone is produced more if the process of ejaculation is more often. Adiposity reduces the quality and quantity of sperm released during ejaculation. In this case, the males start to address the urologist with infertility problems.

And it is not so great when adiposity is in the top three with diabetes and hypertension. This trio is called the metabolic syndrome and influences worse on the erectile dysfunction.

So, in order to normalize the sexual life, a man with obesity need to:

1. Start to deal with excess weight;

2. Raise self-esteem;

3. Start the course of hormonal therapy;

4. Use the rest therapy – membrane plasmapheresis, vitamin therapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment and other author programs.

It is important that the therapy will be indeed the program, a package approach to eliminate the problems.

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