Get Her Back – Have You Told Her You’d Change?

Are you wondering why you can’t get your ex to agree to give your relationship one last try? Maybe she has some valid points and you agree with her but still she just won’t change her mind about your breakup. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? What can you do to get your point across and get her to come back to you?

The Problem – The problem with agreeing with her and doing what you think is the right thing by promising to change is that it puts you at a disadvantage in your relationship as far as the balance of power. By agreeing with everything that your ex says and actually wanting to change you come off as weak and needy. She might be absolutely right and you could be absolutely wrong in what led up to your breakup but right now emotionally you and your ex are not on a level playing field.

Your ex holds all the power and you have little control over your relationship. You want your ex more than she wants you and with every mistake that you make as you try to get her back you are pushing her further and further away and quite possibly destroying your final chance of ever getting her back. Every time you push to get back together you are actually pushing her away.

Think of it this way, have you ever had a buddy that was just kind of a weenie? He wanted to hang out with you so much that it just kind of was unsettling? Maybe he called you on the phone every day and was always inviting himself along to hang out with you and your other friends. He might have been a nice enough guy but he just wanted to be friends too much. This is kind of how your ex sees you in her eyes and your attempts to get her back by promising to change are killing your relationship.

What To Do – If you are really serious about getting her back and you want to increase your appeal in her mind the first thing you need to do is stop the needy behavior. Put some time and space between what you have done to cause the breakup, what you have done to really mess things up as you have been trying to get her back and learn something about female psychology. Without being able to properly motivate her to come back to you and stir her emotions you have little to no chance of getting her back.

Without moving your ex emotionally you might as well be trying to sell sand in the desert. She doesn’t want you right now but if you can make feel something for you emotionally other than pity you will be able to get her back. You do know that women are ruled by their emotions, right? And a woman will change her mind and take back every bad thing that she said about you if you can bring out those emotions in her that every woman craves to feel. If you can move her emotionally she will forget everything that happened and do everything in her power to get back to you short of crawling over broken glass.

The key to stirring these emotions is in knowing how a woman’s mind works and how to subtly push her emotional hot buttons. Every woman has them and the trick is how you execute your plan. The trick to getting her back is not about you changing but how you change how she thinks about you and feels about you and the only way to do that is by appealing to her emotionally by using female psychology.

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