Get Rid Of Your Flakes..with Girls!

Got Head & Shoulders…? Because you won’t be needing it as I’m not referring to your hair.

So there you see an undeniably gorgeous, stunning girl right in front of you at point blank range. BAM! You head straight for her. You go in with the assurance of a bull, and she’s the redness you’re magnetic to. You effortlessly get her number, and you’re so satisfied of yourself and get an flaming warm-feeling that you accomplished it and clap yourself on the back.

Then you attempted calling her, no answer.and no call back.

(Sometimes later…) you text her, no reply.

A couple days later, still no reply. You text her another time, and again no reply.

The next day, still no reply.

Are you surprised, fellow number-closer?

Absoluetely…those are flakes.

Ah of course, we all have received those from once in a while, and for those who boast they have never gotten flakes…well, they’re not trying hard enough, not getting enough numbers.

The term “flake” used in dating lingo refers to a shortage of compliance follow-up, she does not comply with any of your response. Even if the number she gave you was valid, she will not necessary request to any of your post-phone follow-up.

Doesn’t have to be her not failing to show up on dates with you. It can be whatever involving “non-compliance follow-up” on her part.

Question is why do you get flaky numbers from girls?

That’s because you failed to do your part to root for a solid number.

You know that emotion you get when somebody’s passing out random flyers to you on the street that you could care less about, and you got one? That is how you will be seen in her eyes, another flyer, unless you make it impressionable.

That is why on the first approach you have to create some sort of memorable impact to implant a story in her mind to make you stand out. Especially if it is a random approach, forget the day-to-day empty discussion, like “How’s your day?” “Terrible day, huh?”…and then ask “What’s your number?”

For myself, for example, when I’m at a nightclub, I don’t really bother asking for a women’s number unless I already made out with her; that will create for me a higher compliance follow-up rate the next day because I know from my experience, if I meet a woman in a nightclub and only chat with her for a couple minutes and get her number, it’s pointless, with all the things going around, alcohol in her system, and other random guys who probably get her numbers too, I’ll just be another random flyer being received by her.

Not much of a memorable impression for her, eh?

That’s why I make sure that I’m unforgettable in her mind before I even bother getting her number to have a higher compliance follow-up.

Now I know some people will argue with me and say I should just go get her number anyway.

Of course it is a number’s game; the more numbers you get, the more girls you get to hang out, but wouldn’t you rather optimize those numbers than numbers that clog your phone (That’s like still investing in a stock, while there are signs you know is plummeting)?

You want to strive for qualitative quantity.

Here in this case based on my past experience, meeting a girl in nightclub and only chatting with her for a few minutes, will result in a zero percent compliance follow-up.

That’s why you want to optimize those compliance follow-up percentages during the interaction by making it memorable and unique, like creating a story in the girl’s head.

Do something out of the convention that she wouldn’t see coming to break her pattern to how she usually responds to things.

What are things you can do to make yourself memorable to increase your compliance follow-up rate?

Instant spontaneous dates are ideal. Take her to the coffee shop next door. Go grocery shopping. Go browsing in the local pharmacy. (Be observative about this as she could be busy.)

Ask her to help you out or something, like for directions, browsing for something, or whatever, but make sure she has that firm story implanted in her mind about you. (Getting assistance is probably the easiest and safest rout to to go.)

When meeting a girl on the street or store, I would do some ballroom dancing with her right there in public (even though I’m terrible at it :) ). That is definitely unconventional and gets her to firmly establish me in her mind.

Keep the interaction for as long as you can with her.

Do as many different activities as possible in the amount of time allowed. Walk with her to as many blocks as possible, and if there happens to be some theatrical, attention-grabbers like an accident, show, etc, savor those incidents with her and enjoy them to reinforce a stronger story for her to have in her mind.

I know these probably applied mostly to day game, meeting women during the day and on the streets, but the basic premise of implanting a story in her mind is still crucial, as I said before I don’t ask for a girl’s number in a nightclub unless I kissed her. The kissing is an implanted story that will give me more brownie points to the compliance follow-up rate that I made it to a further base.

Don’t just be the guy that interacts her and talks to her for a few minutes and ask for the number. It will make the girl feel like receiving random flyers on the street, which you are the flyer. Your compliance follow-up rate will be marginal. Even though the number is legit, we want to keep those compliance follow-up rate up, so to get her to go out with you and start building a relationship.

You want solid numbers? Well that’s how you get them to, implant the story to rapid-fire expedite your connection level with her. Establish as much stories of you 2 in her head to have stronger numbers and post-meetups.

I’ll dwell more into this concept of implanting story and how you turn a girl you just met into your new girlfriend within hours of meeting her…without sleeping with her, and I’ll give you more examples and some specific of mine.

So go out now, and start getting a girlfriend!

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