Get Your Ex Back – Can Talking Things Through Get Him To Come Back?

Do you want to get your ex back and wish that he would change his mind about your breakup? Do you miss being held by him and kissing him and just being in love with him? Do you worry that he will never come back and that he will move on and give his love away to another girl? This is why it’s important to have solid knowledge of what you need to do and say to get your ex back instead of making it up as you go along.

You might think that if you could just get him to sit down with you and talk things through that you could convince him to come back to you. After all, you love him so much and you want the best for him. Of course, he should be able to see that. He should be able to tell that you really do love him, right?

Unfortunately, right now your ex probably doesn’t care much about what you think of him or how much you love him even if your motives are pure and true. Right now he is so resistant to any talk of getting back together that any attempt to even see you again in the near future is going to hurt you and any talk about getting back together is just going to push him further away.

So how do you open the lines of communication again if he is so resistant to even talking to you? How are you ever going to win him back if he won’t even talk to you? The truth is that it is absolutely possible to get him to open the lines of communication with little or no effort but the trick is in knowing what to say and what not to say in order to get him to let his guard down.

Topics that you can try that will open the lines of communication and get him to feel more at ease around you again and talking with you again are the fact that the two of you were always friends first and happy memories that you have of good times spent together. Avoid all talk of the breakup or getting back together or changes that you are making in hopes of getting him to come back to you. He will see these things in time but without a connection with him and communicating with him he will never have the opportunity to see the real you again.

Of course, the real trick is in knowing how to completely disarm him and get him to open up to you once initial contact has been made. Knowing how to create that connection with your ex and make him feel the love and warmth that you once shared is key to getting him back.

Without that connection and without moving him emotionally so his heart over rides his mind and breaks down those walls that he has built to keep you out you are wasting your time. But once you learn how to break down those walls and get him to feel something for you again, getting him back is a piece of cake and you will find that you really won’t have to try all that hard to get him to agree to give your relationship a second chance.

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