Get Your Ex Back – When Is It OK To Call Him Again?

Are you trying to get your ex back by using the no contact rule but you wonder when it’s ok to call him again? Have you spent days or weeks jumping every time your phone rings hoping that it’s him wanting to talk about getting back together. Do you dream of him calling you and saying that he’s sorry or that he misses you but the phone never rings? When is it ok for you to break the no contact rule and just call him?

Make no mistake about it, the no contact rule is an important part of any plan to get your ex back especially if things have deteriorated after your breakup. You are doing the right thing and by not contacting him you are putting time and space between the bad memories from your breakup and hopefully the day when he will come back to you. But often the days turn into weeks and you feel like he’s never going to call, and you are probably right about that.

Often women go months without contacting their ex because that’s what the no contact rule says, right? Then they find out that their ex has moved on and is seeing someone else. They find out that their ex figured that they really didn’t care so they moved on. Now, you don’t want this to happen to you, do you? But you worry that if you do contact your ex too soon you will be right back where you started from and no closer to getting him back than you were the day he dumped you. So what do you do?

Make Him Call You – Of course, it would be easier if he called you, right? Well, this isn’t far off but you should be cautioned that just because he starts calling you doesn’t mean that you’re back together. Sure, it’s a good sign but it can be very easy to screw things up again and say the wrong thing or not say the right things and then you’re back in the dog house again with more weeks of waiting for him to come around again. But what if you could motivate him to start calling you again and wanting to talk to you again?

It is absolutely possible to tweak a man’s brain and move him emotionally beyond what he will be able to handle so he not only starts calling you again but actually begins to pursue you. It is possible to subtly mess with his mind and use a little male psychology to cause your ex to think twice about the decision that he has made and shift the balance of power and control in your relationship back to you, where it belongs.

Pretty Simple – You see, guys are pretty simple and most times they are unaware of what is even going on inside their heads emotionally. They, your ex included, are hard wired not to take their emotions into consideration when making decisions which makes using male psychology against your ex even easier if you know the emotional hot buttons to push on him. Men are more instinctual and reactionary in their decision making and by using male psychology to motivate him to think of you differently than he has been you will be able to bring out a whole range of emotions that he will have little choice but to react to.

The choice is up to you. You can make a go of it on your own and either try waiting him out and hope that he doesn’t move on without you or you can make him start calling you again and pursuing you as he turns himself inside out to get another chance to be with you again. In my mind, there is no choice and there really is no easier and more fool proof way of getting your ex back than moving him emotionally and making him want you more than you want him right now.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Ex Back – When Is It OK To Call Him Again?”

  1. Actually, it would be much simpler than that. You would not need to get him to fall in love with you again, because he still does love you. The fact that he is treating you differently means that you still have a place in his heart-it has simply gone sour. It won’t be easy getting him back, and you should do so by beating him at his own game-the game of neglect…

  2. One of my friends came back to his girlfriend when she started to ignore him and went on a date with another guy. I think this method is really effective.

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