How To Improve And Maintain Men’s Health!

Do you know that the more you are active, the higher the fertilizing capacity of your semen?

Once people believed that the man who wants to conceive a child should “cherish” his sperm and not to waste it on sex, except in those days, when a woman has ability to conceive, because the accumulation of sperm in men increases the likelihood of conception during sexual intercourse. However, recent studies show the opposite. The research during which fertilizing ability of semen samples that were taken from more than 6000 men were regularly investigated, and it was found that abstinence from sex affects the quality of sperm to a large extent.
There is simple explanation of this fact. As it turns out, the longer the sperm found in the male body, the longer it contacts with various substances, which have the negative impact on our bodies, in particular, cigarette smoke and toxic elements contained in air, water and food products. All of these toxins accumulate in the testes, where – until the moment of ejaculation – have contact of these substances with the sperm adversely affecting the quality of the latter.

Besides, the research showed in spite of that while long-term abstinence from sex promoted the increasing in the volume of seminal fluid, the quality of the sperm had steadily dropped to as the duration of abstinence increased.
The conclusion is: the more often a man has sex, the higher the quality of his sperm.
And it is true the opposite: a man who does not have sex regularly, thereby adversely affecting the quality of their sperm.

And did you know that in order to be able to continue to have sex until gray hairs, it is necessary to have sex constantly?

Until we are relatively young, we think that we have no reason to worry at this field: the organism is in a good order, we are able to have sex when we want it, and therefore can sometimes refuse intimacy under various pretexts: “I have a head ‘, “tired”, “got at work”, “financial problems” and so on … there is always an excuse. The regularity of sexual intercourse affects the ability to continue relations in old age, just as the women’s regular breast feeding of the baby affects on the length of the lactation period.

Similarly the ability of the men to implement sex depends on the frequency of intercourse. Men who have sex regularly, remain appropriate physical capabilities till 80-85-year-old age.

The reason lies in the effect of a simple physiological mechanism: the body does not tend to waste spending power. It produces only what it needs. Once the body realizes that it is no longer has the necessity to produce the sex hormones, it stops doing this.

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