Interesting Facts About Manhood

Rather high percentage of the total number of men suffers from an inferiority complex as for the size of their penis. What is so surprising? Most of them have never seen a dick of another man’s excited state, or at least a dick of medium size. Those penis that we can see in pornographic videos, look like penis stallion, but not belonging to the ordinary people. This causes a further blow to a man’s self-esteem.

Uncertainty in his genitals can be seen in any sports club. Look at how athletes behave in the locker room as they bashfully cover with hand their penis with the hands on the way to the shower.
The notorious Pope Alexander VI was famous for organizing many noisy orgies. At one of these bacchanalian he invited fifty naked prostitutes to serve a group of men. The prize in this competition got the one who was the most resilient.

In his list of causes of sexual problems male anxiety about penis size occupies the first line. This is not just a phenomenon of the Western world. Everywhere in the world in different cultures a large phallus is preferable. Tribal shamans in Ivory Coast (Africa) exploit this weakness. Their most effective weapon against the enemies and annoying tourists is the threat to reduce through magic spells the size of their penises. Magazine “Men’s health” has recently posted an interesting article about in what way such a spell is used in practice. A group of local police officers confronted a group of Nigerian fishermen who were planning to lynch a sorcerer by the name of Ibrahim Hassan. The authorities wanted to know the reasons for the massacre. They explained that this shaman with the help of spells reduced the size of their manhood by two thirds. One after another, they demonstrated their superiors smaller genitals in evidence. The accused confessed in the crime, but declined to give details of his magical art.
Russian Empress, Catherine the Great usually gained her lovers from among the grooms with the impressive sexual organs, either from the Imperial Guard, according to the same outstanding size. Each of them passed a medical examination, and candidates were often invited to be observed by her, where he was supposed to demonstrate the value of their “guns”, as well as their sexual talents and capacity for the duration of sexual intercourse.

Besides techniques, the thickness of the penis is of great importance for women The thicker it is, the better is the potential to stretch the vaginal walls, which creates the feeling of the deepest penetration. It is interesting to note that when the men called the size of their penis (13, 19, etc. cm), they only talk about its length. They almost never pay attention to its thickness. For them, the main thing is length. This game of numbers allows them to compare their penises with neighbors. On the other hand, if the charge is a measurement of women, they are certainly would put other parameters in the first place, namely the size of man’s girth.

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