Is My Wife Cheating On Me – Signs To Look Out For

Do you have a sickening feeling that your wife is cheating on you and don’t know how to shake it and are asking is my wife having an affair?. Unfortunately when partners have that inner feeling that something is not right it can turn out to be that their greatest fears are true. If you believe your wife might be having an affair you need to approach with caution as it making false accusations can not only create a wide range of problem but can destroy all trust you have in your relationship. Let’s look at some signs that you should look for before you confront your wife.

1. Is Your Wife Avoiding Physical Contact

While the heat in a relationship can drop significantly to what it was before you were married, a drop in physical contact can make you question what is going on. Is your wife avoiding bed room activities or seems no responded to affection for no apparent reason. A drop in physical intimacy can happen for many reasons and while cheating is one of them you need to look at other factors too and how she responds when you try and kiss her or hold her etc. If your sex life is non existent then this should raise a few eye brows.

2. She is Constantly on Your Back – Short Temper – Fights

Do you find yourself fighting over petty things more than ever and sometimes you are left wondering what the hell you have done? This is very common as your cheaters tend to blow up problems or situations in order to appease their guilty conscious to justify what they are doing. Make sure you do not yell or go over the top and try and keep things as civil as possible.

3. Hiding Cell Phone, Secretive on The Computer

The cheaters favourite communication tool the old cell phone and the computer. If you find that your wish constantly has her cell phone on silent/vibrate as well as constant clearing call history this can smell trouble. Cheaters loves to cover their tracks. Is she spending time on the computer, does she have email address created that are out of the blew? This can be another tell tale sign.

4. Has She Suddenly Change Her Physical Appearance – Clothes

Is your wife now more focused on getting into shape, buying new clothes that you don’t see her wear. Wanting to get in shape and change physical appearance can be another tell tale sign. This is not to say that people that want to get in shape are cheaters but those who do it with the other signs present maybe doing something on the sly.

Make sure you are 100% right before you accuse your wife of cheating, if you are wrong you can destroy your marriage fast! Discover the truth and visit signs that my wife is cheating and signs my wife is having an affair to get the answers you deserve today.

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