Love 101 All About Valentine’s Day

History shows that there are two possible reasons why a day in February was chosen as an event for lovers.

The first reference to the event was the Roman Feast of Lupercia, which took place in February. At the beginning of the celebration, the names of boys and girls of every village would be put into a large urn. Pairs of names would then be drawn out and the couple would then be a pair for the rest of the celebration.

The next basis, which also possibly describes the specific date of February 14th comes from medieval times when it was considered that this was the time birds began mating.

There are three possible actual St Valentines, but the most well-known belief is that he’s a Roman priest. When Emperor Claudius II banned marriage for young men, since he believed men were better soldiers if they were single, the priest, Valentine, went on to marry people secretly. He was eventually identified and jailed where he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter prior to his execution. It seems that he sent the first Valentine card to her pledging his love and signed it ‘Your Valentine’, words still printed on cards nowadays.

Actually, giving a Valentine card is one of the greatest traditions related to Valentine’s Day and it ranks second only to Christmas in the number of greeting cards delivered.

There are a number of amusing traditions regarding finding the name of your future husband on Valentine’s Day. An example is running around your local church twelve times at midnight on the eve of February 14th. As they say, you will see an apparition of the man in question. Another custom suggests that the first name of a man you read on Valentine’s Day will be the name of your future husband.

Sending flowers has become synonymous with love and romance, particularly on Valentine’s Day. Below is a brief lesson on the language of flowers and the message you’ll express with a certain flower selection:

Camellia: You are perfect in every way
Red Carnation: My heart aches for you
Chrysanthemum (Red): I love you
Daffodils: You’re the only one for me
Gloxinia: Love at first sight
Blue Hyacinths: Our love is constant
Red Rose: For/from a passionate lover
Sunflower: I adore you
Red Tulip: You’re the best lover

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