“Male Menopause” – The Reduction Of Testosterone

Today we will talk about middle-aged man. Sometimes the behavior of a man at this age becomes strange. He is not any more satisfied with his life. He becomes aggressive or depressed. A middle-aged man is a person accumulated rich experience, achieved some success, both in life and career. At the time he thought about approaching old age. And an unexpected problem happens at some moment, life has lost its paint, efficiency is lost, a fatigue increase, the memory is spoiled, insomnia and depression, etc. are frequent visitors in life.

These symptoms go hand in hand with a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, the meaning of life is lost. Undue irritability has a negative impact on communication with others.

All these changes do not overlook and sex life. The man begins to notice that its potency is reduced. At first it appears sporadically, and then becomes a rule. The libido is reduced, erection is diminished. It becomes a punishment to make the bedroom duties. Family life begins to slowly unravel. As a result, a fear to turn out insolvent in sexual terms develops at the male, as a result sexual activity stops.

Every person reacts to it differently, some begin to change their place of work, sexual partners, but it usually does not bring relief.

The changes on a physical level are noticeable, there is extra weight, grows a beer belly, receding hairline found. Various chronic diseases acute. Alcohol and nicotine aggravate the situation even more, not bringing the desired relief.

Unfortunately, these changes do not attach due importance, considering that everything was okay. But in vain! Typically, these processes arise from the reduction of sex hormones (androgens in men are well known to us testosterone). This state of the organism has been called “male menopause”.
In order to win “male menopause”, you first need to consult a doctor. The sooner you do, the faster your business will go on the amendment. Do not lose your golden years, to become more energetic and confident in the future. Male menopause is not hard to beat!

You should always stay active and try to think positive. Think what you should do to change something in your life so that your life will again bring your happiness and satisfaction.

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