Married Women And Affairs

Psychological and sexual dissatisfaction in marriage can lead to adultery. It can happen in any family. As well it depends on both husband’s character and wife’s character and many other factors. However, all the psychologists agree that married women affair is special case.

Sexologists consider that woman does not cheat without a reason. As a rule, women are looking in their new partner for something that their husband is lack.

Unlike men who are traditionally concentrated on sexual relationships, women first of all are searching for romantic relationships, respect and admiration. In other words, all those that they do not have in their family. These women just want to revive their own ability to love and feel the desire. But, if they are not satisfied in marriage, the sexual aspect is becoming important as well.

Having an affair, some women are becoming more attentive to their husbands and children, do all their home duties as well as becoming more self organized in work. And the main reason for such changes in behavior is guilt that they have. And this feeling make them compensate their betrayal and correct the mistake.

As well there are some women who do not need sexual relationships on the side. They just like flirting and for them the emotional splash is the most important thing. They need feelings when just from one glance inside them something is going on and they want to cry or laugh. And sex itself is not interesting to them. When the partner starts to insist on sexual relationships, such women break up. And as a rule, they do not thing that it is mistake, adultery or betrayal.

In some cases, married women’s casual sexual relationships are the reason of guilt. If such woman was grown up in severity, she was pressed by the thought that it is necessary to be a virgin till the marriage, and if she lose virginity before, she will feel guilty. Such women just cannot and do not want to refuse sex.

Internet dating is a hit today. Don’t worry if you are married. It is already a fact that dating married women is possible, it is really working, many people found an interlocutor. Nowadays there are many sites where you can find married women to chat with or date. Make use of Google or other search engines and search for “married women” – you will see that not only you are looking for it.

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