Professions That Are Harmful For Sex

The scientists of University of Manchester have compiled a list of specialties that are harmful to men’s basic instinct. Not only working conditions but also professional habits, stress the various activities and even the number of divorces among their representatives were taken into account.

The results of the researchers turned out to be disappointing: almost all the major specialties in one way or another feel the strength of men’s health. However, some of them especially in this “succeeded.”

The sharks of business

Sedentary work, diet and regular jobs involving all hands is a standard of living for businessmen and office workers. And if we add to this insidious competitor volatility in stock markets and bureaucratic sluggishness the picture will be more complete. In general, stress and only. And indeed, when life becomes a constant battle for the assets and race up the corporate ladder the love has neither the time nor the inclination nor the energy. Moreover, according to psychologists some successful capital managers which managed to taste all the delights of the consumer boom, suffer intimofobiey. That, however, not surprising because the first time is not always clear what actually attracts more and more captivating young beauties: the personal qualities a top manager in years and yet his bank account.

The men in form

As you know many women love the military, but due to the stress of service and associated hazards in themselves does not always reciprocated. However, even in their spare time fighting the endless wanderings in the garrisons, society sullen fellow, strict discipline and monotonous food can completely deny the “old soldiers, not knowing the words of love, the ability to enjoy the company of beautiful ladies. Especially difficult have sailors who, even ashore after a long voyage, they want to, but can not part with the stereotype that a woman on the ship – a bad omen. In connection with this medicine even appeared a special term, “impotence sailor.”

It’s no easier and law enforcement officials. And although they have a chance after a hard day’s work every evening to return home, many of them still can not stop scrolling endlessly in my head questioning a dangerous criminal and switch to perform the conjugal duty.

Muses attendants

The difficulties have and representatives of artists: all of their ardor, as a rule, completely goes out to prove to an ignorant public his genius. However, judging by the number of recognized masters of the pen and canvas, it turns out it’s not all. However, as we know, a poet, thou canst not be, but a bohemian lifestyle to obliged. And if rock and roll and drugs, the relationship is somehow add up, here’s to have sex sometimes problems arise. Which again is not surprising: any doctor can confirm that non-regular sex life, random links and the syndrome of misunderstood genius kill all the desires in the bud.

Shopfloor boy

Nothing’s all right and the working class, not prone to introspection. Hard work, regular weight lifting and not less than the regular drinking of intoxicating beverages in a close men’s love of marathons is clearly not conducive. And if the production is also harmful, for example due to sudden changes in temperature or emissions, something about love affairs in general, you can forget. In addition, you should not think that the physical work does not involve nerve overload: rescue, fire, industrial mountaineers and miners will certainly be something to say about it.

Despite records

It seems that athletes, officials sample of healthy lifestyles should not have problems with potency. But this is not true: exhausting exercise, a strict regime and obsessive thoughts about the gold medals does not leave much effort to record in his personal life, and constant meetings and competitions – time to find a permanent partner. Meanwhile, non-regular sex life, and random connection, according to experts – one of the reasons for impotence, not to mention the injuries and subsequent treatment of the strong, that rob the athletes last hope for the restoration of basic instinct.

What will save us from impotence?

Unveiled its sad list of dangerous potency of specialties, British scientists silent on how, in spite of the professional responsibilities to stay in shape. The answer to this question gives the sexologists.

“The first step is to undergo regular medical examinations and time to be tested for infections, sexually transmitted diseases . Especially watch out for herpes costs, which in severe cases can affect the prostate. It is also desirable to move more – this advice is especially important for men, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Even a small walking tour will help to eliminate congestion in the pelvis. Moderate exercise is good because that keeps muscles toned, and it is related to hormones, which are largely responsible for male features. Plays an important role and proper nutrition. Dark chocolate, seafood, vegetables and herbs have a beneficial effect on men’s health. The awakening of Basic Instinct and promotes the rejection of bad habits that can lead to failures in the immune system and, subsequently, to impotence. And, of course, possible to make your intimate life regularly. Although the specific rules and regulations here can not be, the main thing – to avoid long periods of abstinence. “

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