Structural Game Vs Natural Game

There are typically 2 types of social dynamics interactions classified you are in whenever you head out: structural and natural. Being structural is when you are using any structured linear method of socializing, almost like an already rehearsed social performance that you have successfully performed before, hence a certain routine.

An example of this would be using the classic M3 Model contributed by the pick-up artist Mystery, in which you are using attraction followed by comfort and then leading up to seduction, broken down into different phases, A1, A2, A3, C1, C2, C3, S1, S2, and S3. (For those who don’t know, these respectively equate to Opening, Female-to-Male Interest, Male-to-Female Interest, Conversation, Connection, Intimacy, Foreplay, Last Minute Resistance, and Sex)

And by being natural, you are essentially being present and winging it, but that doesn’t presuppose you are NOT utilizing some sorts of a little bit of a structure because sometimes, something will just pop into your head when you are winging it that will lead you to use a component of a social performance, component of that routine, which could be the same joke you have told your friends or stories.

In this scenario of talking to a girl for example, if you approached her and have been natural for only a minute and realized that she is already attracted to you, you have already skipped all the attraction needed to be built and no longer need to stay on that same base; and you can go into some scripts you have rehearsed in the past that built comfort like magic, but not necessary the exact same things. (You are editing your social performance.)

But how do you become natural where you can wing it, but most importantly do it efficiently, instead of coming off as a creep or a wimp.

Well, if you look at some of the best pickup-artists today who started out socially incompetent, you will realize a majority of them started out utilizing some sorts of structure to guide them to becoming a natural, if they did not, they started out as naturals to begin with; and they got so familiar with that structure that it was programmed into their brain where now they do everything effectively that gets the girl subconsiously and spontaneously without even thinking about it, which to everybody else seems natural.

Remember when you were a kid first learning how to read?

For myself I always thought it was pointless to learn the name of the alphabet, but now I realized that it was a learning stage to being a spontaneous, natural reader. First they taught you the alphabet, then the alphabetical phonics, and then using the structural mnemonic sounds of the letters, you became a natural, sponatneious reader able to pronounce each new word you come across.

Similar to social dynamics, you wouldn’t properly start out if you weren’t giving some guidelines or structures, or else you would be doing a lot of social miscalibration by trying to be all natural; hence, come across as unnatural. Why should you care about social miscalibration?.

Well, I could make a huge list, but one reason is you could unintentionally come across a creeper or weirdo and see your social proof dropped. Other girls will notice that, and your chance are slim to getting her because as you know, girls are always conscious about their status, and with you already being the creep, she doesn’t want to be affiliated with you.

Now I am not preferring structured over natural, or vice-versa, but I am an advocate of using both in conjunction to achieve total social skills mastery because that is exactly where you will want to be eventually!

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