The Different Ways Of Penis Enlargement.

1. Currently, there are a wide variety of estenders (expanders) for penis enlargement. Esterders for the penis are used for: long-term penis enlargement, flattening its curvature (such as Peyronie’s disease) and increasing penis.
The principle of these extenders’ work is extremely simple. Here writes one of the manufacturers of such devices: “Modern medical expanders for the penis, when used within a few hours a day for several months, have a tensile impact (400-1100 grams) on the tissue of the penis. The body reacts to a lasting influence from the outside with the formation of new cells in this area. Since the cell has a three-dimensional structure, the growth of the penis occurs in both length and width.

Using estenders for the penis one can increase the penis by a few centimeters (depending on the tenacity of its owner). When used correctly the achieved result remained forever!

2. In modern medicine such external effects on the organs spread quite widely.
One of the ways of penis enlargement is the use of various dietary supplements, pills, tablets and other mixtures. In this section, we provide the reader with general information about achieving their goal without resorting to surgery or other physical effects on the penis.

The idea lying under this method of penis enlargement is to allow more blood to penetrate into the fabric of cavernous body of penis, which as a result it will stimulate the growth of the penis both in length and thickness. At the moment there are so many different drugs in this area.

The Ingredients of the pills that most available in the market for penis enlargement:
Katuaba extract from the fruits of dwarf palms, inosine, crumb of oat grain, fruit of cayenne pepper, dodder seed, herb Gingko Biloba, Korean Red Ginseng and other biological substances.

3. Another way of enlargement is surgery. So, the penis enlargement by surgery includes: Penis lengthening, penis increasing, post-operation usage of penis extender for a penis.

The operation in increasing the penis is held in a clinical settings, usually under local anesthesia. The length of postoperative scar reaches 3.2 inches.

4. One way of manual penis enlargement is the use of “vacuum” pump.
The main idea of using the vacuum pump is to create a “vacuum” in a confined space where the penis inserted, thereby providing additional blood flow to the penis. In medicine, this process is called “congestion.”
For example, in Germany a penis pump is a recognized means of stimulation at erectile dysfunction and written by urologist. Such a pump one can purchase at any pharmacy in Germany.

5. The oldest way to increase penis size is a massage or the penis by yourself. Dozens of techniques that allow to reach the desired size of the penis have survived to this day.

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