The Forbidden Theme Of Men’s Pride

Are we the unwitting victims of sexual conspiracy? If not, then by what logical belief in Western society is there a taboo on discussion of male sexual organs?

Our culture gives much duplicity in the matter of sex. Take, for example, fashion. If it is considered quite normal and even elegant for women deep cleavage, showing her breasts, if we are not annoying bottleneck bikini, hiding only the most intimate parts of the female body, then why are we in such a restrained attitude towards the male sex organs. Why do we always avoid this topic? Why is it thickly shrouded in mystery, though it does not exist? Responding to puritanical notions of propriety, the male body is always modestly covered with a fig-leaf binding, and the male model who starred in his underwear for ads, make choosing a location for shooting to – God forbid! – the photo did not get well-marked bulging protuberance. Do we really want all around continue to pretend that they do not know what a man has a penis?

Over the past decade academy figure punched its way through the films and television, but such tolerance is manifested only in respect of the female body. Today you can rarely watch a film, in which an actress did not show her bare breasts or buttocks in the love scenes. But have you seen a naked man in such aspect? To recall the only two such films – “The Original Instinct” and “Romp”. But even they can hardly be regarded as expressive example of a normal relationship to the male genitals, as in the first film we are shown a cock of the dead, brutally slaughtered alpenstock, and in the second the cock of the travesty hanging between his legs

In this regard, frank discussion of male sexual organs, apparently, is a subject that threatens big trouble to some men when they find out the truth about yourself. However, in our opinion, this is why men need to know the truth about their sexual tool. Today, ignorance in this area of the show, causing the misunderstanding of many human ills and misfortunes. And until then, while the men will be in the dark about their own genitals, they will continue to put themselves on the wrong idea, suffer from anxiety, confusion, and from complexes about their sexual disparity. This theme was saturated with mythology and hypocrisy and did not have enough for a solid scientific foundation. At heart, most men are very curious and they want to compare your manhood with the dignity of others. As a rule, they are concerned the same questions: “Is my penis smaller than average size?”, “Can I compare my sexuality with the sexuality of other men?” “Can I increase the size of my penis?”. The knowledge is the force, and the more men know about their bodies and the state of their sexual functions, the more confident they will be in their sexual advances. A man who suspects that he has a small penis, and thus does not have access to reliable scientific data, will continue to convince themselves of their inferiority. But if the same man discovers that his penis size of 12,5 cm is of normal size, it will allow him to be completely self overstated.

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