The Secrets To Social Skills Mastery

The way I define a “social natural” is an effective social calibrator, meaning he has gained lots of social experiences in his belt and with those experiences, make him an extremely effective socializer, almost like he possesses a sixth-sense for social dynamic interaction to perceive other people’s behaviors before even acted upon it and be able to foretell and have the right response at the ideal time.

That is how you get to “natural game”.

Impeccable natural game is unconscious competence of the things you do, but to get there you need to have some sorts of constructed model to know how to get there and do…to be an unconscious natural.

For most people who lack social intelligence in social situation like meeting and interacting with girls, routines are your cheatsheats to social calibration. They supply you a structure of the frame to socialize with, without it, your interaction will just be all over the place (social miscalibration).

If you look top pickup artists who seem so natural now, started out with some form of structures to help them to help them figure out what the ideal interaction looks like (like Mystery, etc.)

Social calibration is not something you can be good at overnight. It requires a lot experimenting and receiving social feedback, even if you become good at a certain aspect of it, doesn’t mean you will be good at another.

What do I mean by this? You might start becoming a master at a bar but but here comes the night club, and you will have to fine-tune and adjust your social calibration a bit.

A lot of guys who are really good with the bar scene, but they wouldn’t dare go into a night club when the whole game changes and their skills for that setting are not finely calibrated yet, even if the skill sets appear the same.

Think of it like placing a piece of puzzles together, regardless if the side-shapes are identical, the sizes and edge can’t be any different measurement for them to fit perfectly.

A number of people prefer the daytime location because their skills are calbirated more toward picking up women during the day but not into picking up women at night because their social calibration levels are completely way off.

Now take a guy, for example, who has been in a large organization like forever will have almost impeccable social calibration skills and developed an akin sixth-sense antenna as a result of [spin]having been exposed constantly to the culture, environment, atmosphere, people, etc; but place them out of their element to a bar, and then seeif they can perform at that same level of social effectiveness.

Mastering social calibration is like adapting.

Experiment with the world as your giant social laboratory.

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