Why Some Men Climax Too Early

Premature ejaculation, what actually it is and what are it’s after effects? Simply if a person fails to last longer in bed with his partner and climax before satisfying her, then he may be among those who are actually suffering from disease known as premature or early ejaculation. Sometimes it really exists and sometimes it’s just a thought (due to lack of confidence) of person, that is why according, to a research, one out three men found with a belief that they are spending life with this disease and wasting their precious time without having fun. According to the analysts, it is believed that this ratio is higher because this is an embarrassing property of a person that is why most of the men didn’t like to discuss it with others.

How you can judge you bad performance:

There are two categories of Premature ejaculation: primary also called lifelong, and secondary also called acquired. In both cases, guy would not be able to last longer in bed with his partner. In primary PE, the ejaculation takes place after or before intercourse of one minute. The major reason hidden behind it is the lack of confidence, such men also mostly avoid sex activity and as we all know sex is a major exercise of the penis and also increases power. Now we come towards the second category of PE, in it both partners consistently experience ejaculation before the desired time. It is normally experienced by those men who had capability of fulfilling their partners in past.

How a person can judge that he is at risk?

There are some guys who have vivid chances of having Premature ejaculation. Men already suffering from erectile dysfunction, mean to say facing difficulties with erection used to complete their sexual intercourse in hurry because of having fear of losing it. Emotional strain and stress is main reason of premature ejaculation. So, guys who keep these kinds of emotional stress in their mind are at higher risk of before time ejaculation. If someone wants to control and wants to last longer in bed must eliminate these kinds of stresses from his mind and try to use healthy diet.

At what stage men require medical attention?

If your sexual endurance is affecting your relationship and can’t be able to last longer in bed which results in dissatisfaction of your soul mate, it is highly recommended to consult some reliable sexologist. The doctor will advise you to have treatment or if not required, will get to actual problem and help in overcoming the problem. Sometimes, people get worried about their occasionally occurred early ejaculation and call doctor for help. In such cases, doctors try to explain why it happened and also tells that no treatment is required for it rather need some healthy diet or some exercise. The main thing is your partner’s satisfaction; if she gets satisfied with the intercourse of 2 to 4 minutes, then longer intercourse is not required and there is nothing to be worried.

How to last in bed longer and overcome premature ejaculation?

There are many proven treatments to cope with this problem, and selection of treatment totally depends on the ruthlessness of the condition. These treatments include medications like anti-depressants, sexual therapy, creams and topical anesthetic creams.

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