Your Social Skills Is Much More Important Than Pickup Skills!

Is your social skills up to par?

I admit the reason for my greater struggle than most people when first learning how to improve my life with women and dating and hardly getting any result was because I wasn’t on established ground having the very foundation of social dynamics. None of the information ever dwelled on the fundamental, the core of everything…your natural social skills that set it off and build everything else.

I wasn’t just horrible with girls but my lack of social skills made me bad at making friends and connections.

You see a lot of us didn’t grow up with the opportunity of learning how to socialize with people. The notion that we all grew up learning how to interact with people is a myth, and our lack of social skills transition over to making us terrible with women, so try learning pickup without this prerequisite foundation is similar to learning how to run before walking.

It wasn’t until I started to get and get this larger picture was then things started to fall into place at last.

Everything you do in dating and picking up and meeting women all in categories under your social skills. Pickup skills doesn’t even scratch the surface of your social skills.

If you have exceptional social skills, picking up women will naturally follow.

I would so much as go further and break this down that the way I see it, is that are various categorized sets of your accumulated social skills. For example, there are social skills for when you are hanging with your guy friends, interacting with your coworkers, and picking up women.

Now we have those guys who have really close guy friends who are always chilling and gaming away over Madden and watching Sunday night football and whenever, and basically, always connecting like like an entourage when they go out, but are clueless with women.

Then there are the workaholic overachievers that seem to have every fancy cool things in their lives, people respect them at work, they’re consistently scoring every partners professionally (pardon the pun) generating that deal, and consistently getting promoted and bonuses, and without doubts, have their professional relationships going for them, but they have no clue when pertaining to creating their personal life outside of the profession.

And then we have guys who are exceptional at interacting up women, but they weird out their family, colleague, and co-workers, and don’t have real friends because living in this one-dimenstional pickup artist world is all they see that they are so stuck in that narrow pickup mindset to do whatever it takes to get the girl.

Being really good at one field oppose with each other. The reason is the social skill sets are in different arena. You don’t ever want to be successful in one aspect of your social life but fail at the other. Maintaining a healthy balance in your life is extremely important.

Don’t just be the one-dimensional pickup artist and alienate other areas of your social lift. That will never live up to your full social potential.

Focus on knowing the set of your social skills to use at the particular right time.

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