Aphrodisiacs And Their Usage In Different Countries

As you may know, Julius Caesar regularly included in his diet snails to increase male potency. Residents of South-East Asia in order to enhance their masculine potency, to this day use inside a powder made from the dried skin of lizards and drink the blood of freshly killed snakes. In Africa, just like hundreds years ago one of the most famous aphrodisiac powder made of rhinoceros horn is used to enhance male potency.

In Ancient Egypt, sacred love potion (an aphrodisiac) for selected infusions were prepared on the basis of the sacred scarab beetles insect is considered a symbol of eternal life.

Arab sheikhs also had their own aphrodisiac; it was a tradition to eat fried eggs in olive oil ie a normal omelets before visiting a harem, It was believed that eggs also increase male potency.

In European countries, the most famous of aphrodisiacs for centuries was considered to be Spanish fly. This is cantharidin in Spanish fly – a special substance that irritates the urinary channel and thereby causing sexual arousal. About two hundred years ago cantharis was added to the so-called “love” cakes, sweets and beverages.

Inhabitants of Altai and the Far East to boost their male potency, for many ages used deer antlers of sika deer.

It was noted that the peoples in whose traditional diet includes fish, men are more active sexually, and sexual life is longer, than the peoples whose diet is limited to meat. Thus it is not necessary to be a genius to figure out how beneficial fish menu for male potency. Especially useful in this regard are fish roe and milt rich in phosphorus and essential amino acids.

Many other seafood such as squid, crabs, shrimps and clams are very good to enhance male potency. Thus, the best and most important, without side effects aphrodisiac is ordinary food.

One of the most powerful aphrodisiac that is able to improve male potency has long been considered deer musk and “beaver stream”. Substances that are extracted from the musk glands of these animals is now part of the various powders, pills and ointments. These drugs are quite expensive. And it is not surprising because the price of one kilogram of deer musk is 60 thousand dollars.

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