Attraction Bible Review-Online Dating For Bald Men This Year

Scientists are today claiming they might have unlocked the important thing to baldness in males. Apparently, it’s connected with stem cells or some such. This cure will perhaps be available in five or so years. This really is terrible news for all the bald men out there in online dating land! Why? Doesn’t baldness cause insecurity and fear in many guys? It will, sure. But it shouldn’t.

You will find an incredible number of women these days who love bald men and think guys with “big hair” aren’t manly at all. On their behalf, bald men are beautiful. This disturbing news in regards to a coming baldness cure was announced this morning, and it left many women in despair. Some are believed to have locked themselves away in dark rooms, and therefore are now gently rocking back and forth like zombies.

Are you aware that women’s love of baldies offers quite a bit related to Hollywood? The reasoning is: young male stars who had hair on their pretty heads got older. But as they lost their hair, the adoring female fans fell in love once again with the gorgeous new bald versions. Want a few examples? I’ll provide you with three. Telly Savalas, Bruce Willis and, the deal clincher – Sean Connery. This last he-man was voted sexiest man on the planet one thousand times by women worldwide. And the very good news for bald men available – he was still being the winner after he became a classic man.

It is very disheartening for the egos of baldies everywhere when certain companies advertise their hair restoration services. Oftentimes, this really is nothing but a con. They spray paint some black gunk on the back of the old guy’s melon, and make him think it’s new hair growing back. What’s worse are those spokesmen who appear at first sight so miserable after discovering they’re losing hair and may barely deal with life. Why? I have no idea whatsoever. Being bald is excellent!

So, getting back to the all important online dating aspect. Guys – don’t let yourself be scared to place your photo up there if you’re bald. You need to be careful to not get too much reflection from the flash (only kidding!). There are many women who go absolutely weak at the knees at the prospect of starting up having a chrome dome. Should you go on a few of the bigger dating sites, you will find many profiles of women who’re actually seeking bald men over ones with sufficient of hair. You know that old line about bald heads – they’re actually solar power panels for any love machine.

Compare yourself with those poor guys with “unmanageable” hair who just cannot understand it properly. Or fuzzy headed blokes. One serious suggestion to any or all the follically challenged guys – please, whatever you do, do not apply the comb-over. You can either have hair, or else you don’t. Women looking for a guy on a dating site will not give one second of her time to a combed-over fool.

Some additional benefits: you’ll have extra cash to buy your date a present by saving on shampoo, combs, gel and all that other stupid “product” men waste their money on. Not to mention savings on actual haircuts – they are able to send a guy broke nowadays. So, in your online attempts to find love, promote your baldness – be smooth on top, and will also be beating the women off with a stick!

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