Cigars And Pipes Are Dangerous Just As Cigarettes

The smokers who think that their lungs are in safe because they smoke pipes or cigars instead of cigarettes deceive themselves. The inhalation of tobacco smoke in any way is disruptive, say scientists from Medical Center.

In the new study led by a professor of medicine from Medical Center argues that any tobacco products, whether it be cigarettes, pipe tobacco or cigars are equally dangerous to health. Despite this, many smokers are absolutely sure that cigars and pipes are less harmful to the lungs, because during their smoking the smoke is not inhaled. In order to confirm or deny this theory the professor and his colleagues studied the effect of smoking pipes and cigars on the health of more than 3500 adults aged 48 to 90 years who participated in a study on heart disease.

The participants under the study were questioning during which they answered the questions about their craving for tobacco, as well as a survey of physicians. In order to make sure that tobacco smoke gets into the lungs the scientists measured lung function and the level of product of decomposition of nicotine – cotinine, which is saved in the smoker’s urine for 48 hours.

Approximately 9 out of 100 of them have smoked pipe ever in their life, and 11 out of 100 addicted to cigars. The level of cotinine in the blood of smokers of cigars and pipes was lower than among the fans of cigarettes (10% and 20% respectively from the level of cigarette at smokers), but scientists have recognized its significant.
The influence of smoking on respiratory function was measured by spirometer: at this procedure a person blows into the tube to determine the maximum volume of air exhaled per second. Pipe and cigar smokers suffer twofold often from airway obstruction than non-smokers. The level of obstruction varied depending on how strong was the passion of the subject to smoking.

The results of the research show that smoking pipes and cigars is associated with the ingestion of toxins and with the increased risk of the developing of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is a progressive disease of the airways, often resulting to disability. Doctors should take into account whether the patient smokes pipe or cigars, because it is a risk factor for COPD development. Such patients also should be informed about the dangers of smoking.

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