Critical Tips To Make Your Ex Want You Back – Magnetically Bring Him/Her Back Now!

If you are reading this because you think about ways of how to make your ex want you back, likelihood is that you may be feeling a bit sad, fairly depressed; maybe even nervous or vexed. That’s normal. The very first thing that one must do to make your ex want you back is to compose yourself. To some of us this is similar to taking a few deep breaths, having a drink, or going away for a weekend. For others, it can take a little longer; it may call for the support of friends, time alone, etc. It doesn’t matter what it takes for you to be fully composed, do it. You should not go on without remembering these instructions.

Once you are composed, [you can~it is possible to~you will~you certainly can~you will be able to~it is easy to~you will have to] become focused on the process required to make your ex want you back. The idea starts with a series of dont’s.

· Don’t crowd your ex. Be careful not to create contact planning to beg for a second chance. Certainly do not send unsolicited gifts out of the blue.

· Don’t get into the “rebound” trap. You do not want to be seen or for others to report to your ex that you are dating again, it doesn’t matter how casual or harmless that dating might be. Trying to make your ex jealous is a recipe for trouble.

· Don’t let yourself come across needy or publicly depressed about the break-up. Express your sadness for the breakup, but do not look desperate. Make sure you make it seem as though you probably wish things were totally different, you know you will end up okay.

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And now the dos:

· Keep any ancillary relationships that you have forged with the friends or family of your ex warm.

· In the event of an important occurrence in your ex’s life, for example a job promotion, birthday, etc., do send them a kind congratulatory note, card or email. Refrain from phone calls for now. Be short and sweet with the content, not pushy or suggestive.

· Any time you discover through friends or family of your ex that he or she is interested in assistance that you can genuinely provide, offer your support to your ex through them. Be able to fulfill what you want to give without any strings.

Truth be told, this poised way of dealing, given some time, keeping your ex’s family and friends as associates, and being there if needed, is essential to detoxifying whatever ill thoughts your ex has of you. Your ex will then steadily see you as they once did… under the light of a genuine and caring person, which you hopefully are. When you can get him/her to remind themselves of why you’re the one for them, that will be very instrumental to make your ex want you back.

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