Different Methods Of Using Penis Extenders

Since different sources of information – the instructions for doctors’ recommendations, and user reviews give different and sometimes conflicting information on how to apply the extenders in this article, we consider the most common method.

«Classic” – a technique that is described in most manuals on the use of extenders. The problem of basic instructions – slurred supplied information or bad translation, which defeats the purpose. The essence of this technique is simple: create a constant tension, which then gradually increases. The time of wearing is also encreased.

1. Start the length of the rod. First, pick a starting length of the rod. Start the length of the rods is usually defined as the length of the erect penis, plus or minus a few inches (the starting length for different models is different, because of differences in the design of different models). However, the starting length is given for guidance and should be adjusted experimentally – it should allow to fix the penis on the platform and put an extender. The length of the rod is changed by twisting or lifting rods. In the case of Male Edge rod telescopically apart.

2. Putting on of the extender. Following the instructions, put an extender, fix the penis extender on the platform. Then, twisting the screw mechanism, create tension on the extender. If the length of the screws is not enough to create the desired tension, then the starting length of the rod is not enough, screw the extra element – rod. If getting dressed extender (without unscrewing screws) creates excessive tension, shorten the rod.

2.1 Penis fixation. Do not wear the locking element (strap, tow) on bare skin! Be sure to use a softening pad. The best option is to use a bandage from the self-locking bandage. If established mitigating elements extender you will not do (this is possible because of differences in the anatomy of the penis), be sure to review the technology dressing – it solves the issue with a comfortable and reliable fixation of the penis almost all problem cases.

2.2 tension value. Tissue penis should get used to the load gradually. Big load of the unprepared user will not cause accelerated growth, but on the contrary, the stress of tissues, and growth retardation. During the first two weeks of tension should be within 400-600 g., tension less than 300-400 g is not effective. After 2 weeks of adaptation to the value of the tension is gradually increased to 900-1100g. This tension is the most effectively causes an increase in tissue tension than in 1200 is not recommended – high growth of tissues is not a cause, and supernumerary tension can cause injury, discomfort when wearing extender, and stunting.

2.3 tension control. This is a classic technique in which during the period of wearing the extender and constantly monitor the values of tension and when it falls it rises to the source. For example, the extender is installed on the tension of 900 during the first 15 minutes of penis slightly stretched and the tension dropped to 600, you must use the adjustment screws to raise the tension to the original 900, if within the next 15-30 minutes, the tension has decreased again, it is again raised to the source.

It should be noted that on such a variant of “classics” there is no unequivocal opinion – for some users, this option causes an increase in efficiency, in some tissues causes overtraining.

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