Engagement Party Invitations Checklist

Part of the groundwork you have to lay for your wedding is the announcement of your engagement. This is when you let everyone know about the big news and perhaps give your guests a glimpse of what’s to come. Be as traditional or as modern as you like.

While you can get out there and locate a lot of companies where you can obtain exquisite but costly invitations, there’s also lots of very affordable opportunities that will let you have just as stunning ones that fit comfortably in your price range. Something about a budget, will get those creative juices moving and it is amazing what fantastic ideas you will have

Engagement party invitations don’t necessarily need to match the theme of your wedding or your wedding invitations, thus you have room to do something a little different if desired. The wording on the invites should include the names of the bride and groom, who’s hosting the party, location of the wedding ceremony and reception, and more.

There are many different variations of the wording for an engagement invitation. Some factors that change the words slightly are who hosts the party, if your engagement is formal or informal and your personal preferences. Remember, it is your special day and the engagement invitation is a small glimpse into what your wedding will be like.

Table cards are used for helping your guests identify their tables. These cards traditionally carry numbers that match those on the escort cards, but you can put your creativity at work, by putting something unique like symbols or names or by using different colors on the table cards. Send them thank you cards after the party is over, to let them know how much their presence meant to you.

Before you can create or purchase the engagement invitations, be certain that every essential detail, for instance the date, time and location of both the engagement service as well as the wedding ceremony party are already solidly confirmed and have been verified with all parties

Something that is not specified by any rules of etiquette is the inclusion of a special verse or quote that means something to the bride, groom, and their families. It is a way to very specifically set the tone for the upcoming wedding in a personal way. Many invitations come with quotes already present above the request for presence, but if you have a particular quote in mind that is not readily available, you will need to make sure that you can find a dealer who can fit your needs.

It is not shocking to see couples keep a copy of their wedding invitation, as it reminds them of this special moment. If you want to have one, then you would need to invest lots of time and effort.

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