Erection And Potency. Ways To Improve Them.

What is erection?

First of all, let’s define some terms. Erection – is increasing and straightening of the penis under the influence of blood flow sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. Stable erection is when penis stays long and stable after formation. In this case, the arterial blood flow to it is maximum and venous outflow – is minimal.

Unstable erection – the penis can quickly stand up and just as quickly fall, or when the penis does not reach its maximum hardness. In the latter case, perhaps even a nuisance – as an erection is not maximal, then the nerves are not blocked, so perhaps premature ejaculation.

Another useful term – potency – it is the power, desire intimacy. Official science distinguishes between potency and erections, as two different phenomena. We think that these processes are interrelated. That is, if there is no potency, it is hardly possible erection, and vice versa, if there is no erection, there will be a weak potency.

Now let’s talk about techniques that can improve erections. Because of what can generally be weak erection.

What does weaken erection. How can I improve erection?

Smoke, alcohol, fatty foods – causes artery-clogging cholesterol plaques, which makes an adequate level of blood flow in the erectile tissues of the penis. Therefore, be sure to give up bad habits and switch to healthy eating.

Unstable erection can occur for psychological reasons. The man from the fear of failure may not be able to relax, so be strained, including the smooth muscles of corpus cavernosum of the penis – the blood supply to the penis in this case will be blocked.

Nowadays, along with products that will improve blood flow it is recommended to use of antidepressant drugs. By the way, separately last used for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It is believed that erection problems and premature ejaculation are common general.

That is why in terms of mental attitude it is very important to be relaxed and confident. The partner must also maximize the sexual act – as a porn actress. Unfortunately, in reality, women can behave asexually, which does not contribute to the establishment of quality erection.

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