General Hygiene Rules For Men

General hygiene rules are very important for you, especially when you are entering a period of a romantic relationship. Odor emanating from your body can bring your potential partner to the idea that you can not look after yourself. Signs of poor self-care can also be a signal for your potential partner that you are suffering from some disease – either physical or mental characteristics. Make sure that your hair look well combed and nails are clean and neatly trimmed. If you develop the habit of regularly wash, it will help you always look more attractive.

In this article we also list some reasons why you should watch your penis and keep it clean:

• an unwashed penis accumulate bacteria. In addition, the smell may deter you from your current or potential partner.

• Unwashed penis – a carrier of bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, upon contact, it is able to transmit the infection, which can later be reborn in cervical cancer.

• Failure to comply with good hygiene practices can also lead to cancer of the penis.

So proper care of your penis means you have to rinse it and wipe it dry at least once a day. Best of all, when you take a shower. In this case, pay special attention to the head of the penis. At its tip are glands that produce a substance called smegma. If the penis is not cleaned regularly, smegma collects in this location. The accumulated smegma – a sign of uncleanliness of a man.

If you were not subjected to the operation of circumcision, then loosen the foreskin to the glans. This is where the accumulation of smegma. During the wash this place must be properly cleaned. If, in loosing the foreskin you are experiencing discomfort related to the fact that the skin is very elastic, then you should seriously think about whether to undergo circumcision. It’s pretty commonplace operation and execute it can be practically any surgeon. Circumcision – a big plus for health and hygiene of your body. Pure body – a significant part of your success with a partner. Of course, such an operation is not necessary for men who have foreskin free hanging folds that can easily pull back.

Main disorders in male reproductive organs

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should seek medical advice immediately.

• Any unusual pain, skin irritation or swelling of the penis or testicles.

•. Any difficulty with urination, or excessive urination.

• Any unusual discharge from the penis.

• Any rash in the genital area.

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