Get Her Back Now Using These Simple Techniques

Are you looking for some good advice on how to get your ex back? Are you at a loss for what to do and what to say to get her back? Maybe you have tried talking with her or sending her a nice, thoughtful letter only to get nothing as a response or just more of the same… that she doesn’t want to get back together with you.

No worries though. All of this is pretty typical and most guys make the same mistakes in the beginning when trying to get their girl back. They try talking things through or they buy her a nice present or flowers hoping that their ex will change her mind and realize how much the guy loves them. Honestly though… these methods will just make you look weak and needy and your ex will lose respect for you. After all, who is nice to someone that breaks their heart?

If you are really serious about getting her back you need to understand what will make a woman change her mind about a breakup. You need to understand what will make her want you and what will repel her from you.

Back Off – No matter what is going on or at what stage you are in of your breakup it is always a good move to back off and regroup before doing anything. It is always better to do nothing than to go and do something that either doesn’t work or backfires on you and makes things worse for you in the long run when it comes to getting her back.

Backing off will also allow things to settle down a little bit and give her some time to start to miss you. You might think that she isn’t going to miss you in light of the way that she has been treating you lately but given a little time you will find that she will be more open to what you have in store for her. If you are constantly hammering her with talk about getting back together and always in her face you are just an annoyance and you’re going to kill your chances of getting her back. Plain and simple.

Create Attraction – Sure, this sounds simple enough, right? Just make her attracted to you again and she will want to be with you and everything will be as right as rain. Well, that really is how simple it is but of course women make it more difficult than you might expect. I mean, do you know what a woman wants and what will change her mind and how to deliver on that? Do you know how to make her feel attraction and passion after the breakup? She will have her guard up and everything that you do will be suspect.

This is why it is important to understand what you need to do and what you need to say to bring out those emotions in your ex. When your girl feels those emotions and that passion for you again her heart will over rule her mind and she will go against everything that she said before and every bit of advice that anyone ever gave her about you, if you have her friends and family telling her that you’re bad news.

In order to fly under the radar is it necessary to use a few psychological tricks and know how to push her emotionally so it won’t really appear that you’re doing anything to get her back. Remember, any direct attempts to try to talk her into getting back together is going to end in failure.

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