How To Attract Your SOUL MATE Right Now…………….

“You have to focus your mind differently in order to change your life”

I know as soon as you read the subject line, you probably went into an emotional tailspin because you know that relationships are hard to have while having the ”Dis-Ease“. One thing I’m going to urge you to do is stop thinking about the negative qualities of this ”Dis-Ease” and focus on your good qualities. First off, in today’s society, everyone is having relationship problems. Why do you think that the divorce rate is at an all-time high? So, it’s not just you that is having issues in relationships, everyone is!

Yea, I know you’ve heard the same old things before. ”You should try and change your approach in relationships” or ”You need to tone down your intensity so you don’t keep scaring people off” Truth is, you don’t need to follow any of the advice you were given. Why? Because the people who were giving you the relationship advice don’t know what you’re truly experiencing on a deeper level. Why don’t we try some advice from someone who knows what this deeper level is like! Someone who knows the right and wrong ways of deep approaches with what works and doesn’t. Gee, I wonder who that can be?

There is nothing wrong with your approach. There is nothing wrong with the intensity you emit in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with any relationship qualities you have. But there is something wrong with the people you’re attracting. That’s the hint that will make all the difference. Remember one thing. I will stress that you have superior qualities that make you awesome and attract people to you! And I said just a couple paragraphs ago that the divorce rates are at an all time high. Are you seeing a connection here yet? No? Ok, let me elaborate.

People today are so focused on being hurt that they tend to get stuck in a pattern. This pattern is always staying in a position of hurt. Finding hurt, delivering hurt, and looking for hurt. People are so stuck in this pattern that they sabotage any feelings of greatness, 90% of the time without even realizing it. What they do is find something that is different from their pattern; something
that feels good, and before they know it, they sabotage themselves into being hurt again. Now here you come along. One of your great qualities shining through their darkness. A superior quality which they’re drawn to! Someone who sees this and is desperate for it comes to you and wants it. Their intuition tells them that you are always this way. They feel hopeful that you can save them from their lack of this quality. Of course all of this is communicated subconsciously and you are both distracted by what you both want. You want to be you (with your superior qualities), and this person wants your superior qualities. Before you know it, the both of you are so lost in these subconscious feelings that you don’t know what is happening; why you’re fighting all the time, etc. One fight too many, and you’re broken up now and left with questioning why. Are things coming clearer yet?

You didn’t do anything wrong except attract the wrong person. If you would’ve attracted the right person, who wasn’t desperate for whatever superior quality you showed them, would you have fallen in love with this person as quickly as the desperate one? Really think about that! Now think about it some more. Just from my experience, I say no. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the secure woman as fast as I would have with the insecure one. Why? Because I love being me and am proud of my own superior qualities. These qualities I have make me a confident man. This person came to me setting off my quality alert at level 10. They needed to feel my quality I have and I wanted to continue to have my ego fed, from being this awesome to someone else.

You didn’t do anything to cause the relationship to go bad. The only thing you did was got involved with the wrong person who was going to eventually sabotage the relationship anyway. The reason why they were going to sabotage the relationship is because they have done it time and time again. You may not know this, but trust me it’s true. If it wasn’t true, then would all
the ”red flags” go off that you ignore? You have intuition also. You have red flags go off but you choose to ignore them because you are only focused on your ego. You feel that if you have your ego brushed up on every now and then, this will be enough to emit the quality your partner is looking for. This could be further from the truth. Actually, this has nothing to do with happy and successful relationships. It has the opposite effect.

Did you ever notice the more you try and emit this quality you have, the more you seemed drained of it. You almost seem to be giving this quality out with effort and not allowing it to come on naturally. This is because your partner is actually draining you of this quality. It’s true because they do not know what to do with it; it’s unnatural to them, and they don’t know how to treasure it. So they keep draining you of it, until you’re broken and have nothing left to offer anymore. You drained your resource and now you have to refill again. But your partner keeps demanding this resource. How can you? You don’t have it anymore, and now the fights start up until the point where they leave you.

Notice your red flags from the beginning. If you have any doubt to these following questions, be safe and answer no. Does a relationship really happen this fast? Yes or no? Can someone really fall in love with you that fast? Yes or no? Does this person really want you or your superior quality you have to attract them? So far 3 red flags that would save you down the road from heartbreak.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But it won’t happen a third time

I have an entire ebook dedicated to life changing techniques just like this. Not only do I focus solely on relationships, but I focus on much of life in itself. My teachings have to do with changing yourself before you can see changes in your life. I know this is difficult to achieve, but I try and make an effort to make my teachings easy to understand and realisticly achievable.

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