How To Avoid Expectations Of Failure Syndrome.

Мany young people who are not quite experienced in sex sometimes have such problems : after the introduction of the penis into the vagina, not having to make any frictions, erection disappears.

How to overcome such problems?

Many men at the beginning of their sexual lives often face the fact that his girlfriend is not satisfied. Some in this regard do not particularly bother and as a consequence, after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, take precedence over this issue.

But mostly young people are experiencing in this regard in future find it difficult to adjust to the forthcoming sexual intercourse, as they have already foreshadow his failure. A man gets into a vicious circle: he is trying to get rid of disturbing his fears, and ultimately, if you try hard to control their own sexual response, fails. And the more he controls, and with great concern the expected closeness with a partner, the more he lets the natural rise of sexual arousal, which leads to sexual frustration, failure.

This problem has only psychological nature and has the name “syndrome of failure of expectations.”

This condition mainly arises from the anxiety and highly sensitive individuals. Excessive emotional stress, accompanied at first intercourse, leads to a subconscious fear of disgrace, not to prove to be a complete man. As a result of stress a man “suffers” with erectile function. Erectile dysfunction happens, as expected, in the most critical moment “, although a prelude or nocturnal erections such is not observed, the penis in” willingness “.

The main problem of young people facing this situation – they want all at once to be perfect, and so at the time of foreplay, there are many superfluous thoughts: “may be we should start to have sex?” Or “how to choose a pose to maximize the sexual act, because it (the penis) at any time can become sluggish. ”

A young man should just simply be able to relax, dropping superfluous ideas, which really only hinder and do not give complete control over the situation. Guys, after watching different movies, start to behave like a macho man trying to show a girl that he has great experience and he knows how to give an unforgettable experience. And as a consequence, the act does not last more than 2 minutes as the idea that “such a responsibility on me, but I should be a real man” – just becomes fatal.

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