How To Improve Your Strength By Boxing

Boxing workouts help to improve the strength, quickness and the speed of the reaction. In addition, it is a great cardio load. If you want to check out you should do the following exercises as double sets, ie at a run without having a rest.
Double set number 1

Explosive press-ups
Take the push-up position placing your hands slightly wider than shoulders. Do not bend your back and do not touch the floor by your knees. Scroll down trying to touch the floor by the breast, but does not relax the hands. Hold at the bottom point for exactly four seconds, and then push off the floor with a powerful movement, trying to jump as high as possible. Repeat it 10 times.

Left jab within 30 seconds
Put left leg forward, right diagonally back a little. Bend your elbows, keep your right fist in the right cheek, holding his elbow to the body. Left hand bend at a right angle, holding it in front of him, his fist should be at the level of the left shoulder. Straighten and bend the left arm applying the direct bounces with the left fist on a perceived opponent. Help the bounces by turning the body to the right. Repeat this double set three times, resting 60 seconds between sets.

Double set number 2
The press on the chest at the body-builder
Sit on the body-builder and set the seat height so that the handles are it the middle of the chest, at the start shalt thou finish blades. Move down the handle to yourself, throwing elbows to the sides. Squeezing the weight from your own, take care not to straighten your elbows completely. Do eight repetitions.

Right hook within 30 seconds
Put your right leg forward, left diagonally back. Press the left fist to the left cheek, while locking the left elbow at the ribs. Bend the right hand at right angle. Helping yourself by turning the body to the left, apply with the right fist side circular bounces. Repeat this double set three times, resting 60 seconds between sets.

Double set 3
The press on the block with one hand
Stand back to the block device by setting its handle at the chest level. Put forward the left foot by adopting the position of a shallow lunge, take the handle in your right hand. Hold the elbow of the working hand directed sideways, hold the back in a perfectly straight line. Now, straighten and bend your right hand back and forth, as if shrugging dumb-bell lying. Repeat it seven times on each hand.
Alternatively left jab and right hook combination
Do the combination of two bounces during 30 seconds. Repeat this double set three times resting 60 seconds between sets.

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