Is It A True That All Russian Women Want To Escape From Russia?

When somebody searches through the Internet seeking for Russian brides, he becomes a very surprised by the great number of Russian dating services and agencies. There are plenty of them in the net! Have you ever been thinking about, what is the reason?
In general seem that all women want to escape from Russia because Russia is in a very difficult social and political and economic situation now. Just don’t want to disappoint you, but unfortunately that type of thinking is just a stereotype. Seem that every new generation has its own stereotypical idea about what Russia is and how its citizens act.

During almost seventy years, Russia was a very closed nation and country. Other nations could not see or for that matter, interact with the Russian people. From this action of closed borders and iron curtain, somehow, was created exactly that kind stereotype of what Russian women looked like.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the opening of borders and the appearing of the Internet, the whole world suddenly discovered just how beautiful, feminine, slender and educated, Russian women are! Foreign men who were finally allowed to travel to Russia, saw, were amazed by the beauty and grace of Russian girls. They looked on these girls just like kids in a candy store. The typical stereotype created in past disappeared very quickly with all these new impressions.

Unfortunately, as quickly as the old stereotype of “Russian girls” disappeared, a new stereotype appeared:”All Russian Girls want to escape from Russia” and because of this new labeling, the Internet has so many dating services.

The truth of the matter is that the percentage of Russian girls are looking for their “soulmates” through the Internet is no greater than the percentage of women from such Western countries as UK, Canada,Australia and the United States searching for their future intended in the net !!!!
Women, from the USA and most other Western Nations have choices to use or not to use a dating agency service. Almost all women from western countries have computers at home or at the job. Also, Internet services costs in most of these countries is ridiculously low compared with Russia.

Only a few very large Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Peterburg have Internet services which are more or less affordable for the average person. Also, Russia is very huge country, with its 11 time zones from East To West is now just getting Internet services established. It is only within the last three to four years that Internet service providers have begun to take hold within Russia and the fees for monthly service are out of the reach of most Russian citizens.

It is not uncommon for internet services to cost $100.00 or more, a month. With the average salary, for example, for a Russian doctor being around a $100.00, it is a luxury few citizens can afford. But, we are talking about a single woman or a one parent household. Do you think that the average American single mother could afford this kind of money for Internet services? So, this is the reason why you see so many Russian dating agencies in the net. Russian women HAVE TO USE their services!
Another reason for these dating services is the language barrier.For a very long time, Russia was a closed border country and in spite on Russians learned English at school, not being able to practice the use of the language on a dailybasis, English was basically a dead language and these agencies also became translators. Also the quality of English language teaching in schools is very low.

Now that everything in Russia has changed. It is a countrythat is open to the world and people are now stimulated to learn English. Internet providers appearing all over Russia and Internet cafes are entrenching themselves in cities, big and small.In this situation more and more girls can communicate with their soulmates through the Internet without any help of any marriage agency. They don’t need translating services as they did in the past. Many women prefer to spend money on English lessons, than to pay very high prices for dating services.
People all over the world are generally the same. Nobody likes to show private letters to a stranger or to convey their most private thoughts and Internet conversations to a dating service employee for translation.

At the present time, Internet services are grows dramaticallyin Russia.Yes, it is a difficult time in this vast country but it impossible to stop the progress. Russians are beginning to communicate with the rest of the world through their own computers. In the very near future you will see a dramatic reduction of low quality dating services, the “Russian Women Eager to Escape” myth, and the typical stereotype about Russian girls totally disappears.

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