It’s Not A Problem To Increase A Potency!

The size of a penis is very important for any man. And the potency is very important in the human life. Some manufacturers claim that their tools for enhancing the potency create a powerful blood flow to the genitals. Others argue that increased levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, and that it is the key to good potency.

What do actually give drugs that stimulate blood flow to the genitals? How effective are the means to increase potency and how to enhance the potency and restore virility?

You should not be a doctor, to understand that if the pills create a powerful blood flow to the genitals, then it causes and the equally powerful outflow of blood from the brain and heart. And that means the risk of ischemic stroke or heart attack.

In addition, such funds to improve the potency usually also cause a general increase in blood pressure, which also means the risk of stroke and heart attack.

So what to do to restore potency for a man with no harm to his health? How to return the virility and increase the potency of 4-5?

Scientists all around the world for many years worked to resolve this issue, and finally, in China a new generation of drugs came to the market. It’s very symbolic, because China has since the ancient Chinese empire was famous worldwide for its folk remedies to increase potency.

These means to improve the potency increase the transmission of nerve impulses along the reflex chain of sexual instinct.

Under their influence male sexual function is again as in ancient times, physiologically equivalent to food instinct, and instinct of protection.

For particular men, this means that as soon as it starts to have sex, he, like our ancestors, rapidly increases sexual desire, there is a persistent erection, and there is a full-fledged sexual intercourse. In this case, most men say that when they use these tablets to increase potency, they are experiencing an unusually strong and violent feelings as when they were young.

But it does not come from some kind of artificial stimulation of their senses, but simply to restore normal for them to neural regulation of sexual intercourse, which they lost, forgetting at the same time and the extreme feelings that always accompany a healthy sexual intercourse.

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