Main Misconceptions About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very popular subject for jokes in male company. But, laughing over the next joke, a man fears that sooner or later it will affect him too. And with age, this fear intensifies. But in this article we will try to figure out what’s what, and to refute the most common misconceptions regarding this issue.

Misconception 1.
With the age impotence is waiting absolutely everyone.

It is not quite true. Certainly, among the retirement age men there is a considerable number of men suffering from erectile disorder. So, if among men of forty years there is about ten percent have such problems, then at sixty years almost every second person is facing impotence. However, the main reason is not the age but health disorders that cause erection problems. These include hypertension, varicose veins, various injuries, diabetes, and prostate adenoma. So those men, who from the youth had taught themselves to lead a healthy lifestyle, and in old age can boast of male power.

Misconception 2.
Problems with potency always have a psychological nature.

Many years ago even in official medicine such a point of view was dominated. Today, doctors say that only a third of cases of erectile disorder has psychological roots (stress, fear, first sex, etc), the half that they account for organic causes. The remaining cases are of mixed nature.

Among organic causes in the first place there are problems with blood vessels. After all, the penis contains a huge number of them. Atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus eventually destroying of the vessels. Use of alcohol and smoking are not good for erection , because they break the peripheral vessels.

Misconception 3.
With age a large number of sex increases the risk of impotence.

Everything works opposite. Regular and full sex life is the best prevention of erectile problems. Sure, with age the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases, but if they occur with sufficient regularity, a man can expect to extend their sexual functionality as long as possible. The doctors who treat erectile dysfunction recommend having sex as often as you can.

Besides that frequent sex a half times reduces the risk of heart attack in men over fifty. So in this issue it is not necessary to limit yourself.

Misconception 4.
Erectile dysfunction is not treated.
More than ninety percent of patients can be treated and can come back to their active sexual life.

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