Questions About Love: Looking For Low-Priced Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?

Uh oh — that OTHER time of year has returned. The minute you (not to mention your finances) think it’s all right to rest from the Christmas holidays and its gift-shopping, money-draining season, you realize that right back where you started.

Valentine’s Day re-emerged, and for your significant other, you’ve got to come up with yet ANOTHER romantic, thoughtful gift idea that won’t lead to an assault on your finances. Sure, whisking him or her off to a fancy holiday meal would be beautiful. But one of the questions about love you end up asking this time of year is, “How are those of us with adoration in our veins and no income in our wallets supposed to pull off a enjoyable Valentine’s Day?”

Well, there are things you can do for Valentine’s Day that will endear your loved ones even if you’re insolvent. Just use a bit of cleverness and a generous serving of your own attitude, and you can still have an mega-joyous Valentine’s Day that will remind you both that when it comes to presents, it really IS the thought that counts.

For example, if it’s not too cold, get out into the the great outdoors — just the two of you. You could spend the day bicycling, or just taking a nice leisurely walk (unless you prefer a full-fledged hike) in the snow, along a shoreline, or in a park. This time of year, it’s likely that the place will be pretty much deserted, and you might have all that natural beauty to yourselves. You’ll find that being outdoors together can be surprisingly romantic!

Take along a picnic with you, of course. Pack unexpected little extras like a vase for flowers you may pick, a real tablecloth and candles in glass jars (so they won’t keep blowing out), and a special meal for two. When you reach your destination, you can set out for a romantic meal. Even if you must to take the kids along, they can play safely nearby, permitting you keep an eye on them while you’re being together.

If you’d rather remain indoors, cooking a romantic Valentine√≠s Day meal together is a fine way to celebrate the day. The romantic picnic scheme is still do-able — if you have the room, just spread the tablecloth on the rug. The main course should be something special that you don’t normally eat. Garnish the dining area with candles and other romance-inducing effects to resemble a five-star restaurant. Dress up in your fanciest outfits, perfume, or cologne — unless you’d rather wear quite a bit less!

The most important thing to remember is that you should not let your Valentine’s Day be soiled by over-commercialism. As long as you are in sync emotionally as well as literally, you can have as satisfying a Valentine’s Day celebration as you could in some elite, costly setting — that’s the ONLY thought that counts.

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