Smoking Can Damage The Structure Of Your Musculoskeletal System.

Trying to gain muscle mass (or weight loss), many victims of smoking do not give up smoking addiction arguing that they fear of weight gain. Now it has become clear that smoking contributes to only a set of excess pounds, preventing normal metabolism in muscle tissue.

Some time ago scientists have found that smokers on average have less muscle mass than non-smokers. However, the causes of this phenomenon we found out recently. It was found that smoking prevents the synthesis of muscle proteins and thus contributes to the loss of muscle mass.

The scientists during their work under this problem have found out that smoking weakens the muscle tone. They have demonstrated that while smoking the loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) accelerates.

The total amount of people under the study was 16 almost healthy with no symptoms of lung disease, men and women over the age of 60 years having a similar lifestyle based on the quantity of alcohol consumed and physical activity undertaken. Subjects were divided into two equal groups: heavy smokers (smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for about 20 years) and nonsmoking.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the synthesis of muscle proteins the participants were made the intravenous injection of a solution containing labeled amino acids. The analysis of femoral muscle tissue obtained by biopsy before and after the injection showed that the daily activity of muscle protein synthesis, which was estimated by the number of assimilated muscle tissue of labeled amino acids in smokers is significantly lower than in nonsmokers.

Besides that fact the studies have shown that levels of muscle growth of inhibitory protein myostatin (myostatin) and the enzyme MAFbx, breaks down muscle protein in the body of smokers was significantly higher than non-smokers. According to the authors, the results of the work indicate that smoking slows down the functioning of the mechanism of synthesis of muscle proteins and a forming of muscle mass, which is another reason of refusing out of this bad habit.

As the muscle tissue is the most active consumer of energy in the body and burns calories even while resting it is much harder to “pump over” the body fat into muscle smokers even for those who are engaged in sports. Therefore, quitting smoking is an integral part of the coaching process.

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