Some Interesting Facts About Erection.

At what age the erection appears when it can disappear?

Usually boys of 5-6 have the first physiological erections and they are not connected with erotic feelings. Maximum erection happens when a man is about 20 years old then it gradually decreases, but disappears completely individually– someone has it till 90, someone lost after 40 years.

What diseases are leading to loss of ability to get an erection?

The first disease is alcoholism, since in high doses, alcohol acts detrimental to the ability to get an erection. The same thing – drugs, especially cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine: they are for a short time increase the potency, but in just a few steps “turn it off” Prostate and diabetes, and some hormonal diseases, as well as sclerosis of vessels, especially vessels of the lower extremities reduce the potency. The same happens if a person begins taking male sex hormones without doctor’s advice – their excess acts exactly the opposite way. Depression and anxiety affect badly on erection.

How does intensity of sexual life affect erection?

Any deviation from the norm affects badly – as excess and deficiency. It is known that long breaks – a few months – reduce erections. There is even such a thing as “impotence of the sailors.” On the other hand, 7-8 sex acts per week may also reduce the potency.

What can be considered a normal sexual life?

Each person has his own norm but the average family man has 2-3 sexual intercourse a week. Minimum, the normal rate is once every two weeks.

Is the ability to conceive connected with an erection?

It is not connected directly. At 30 a man has a peak of production of sex hormones. The ability of fertility persists much longer. Although, if infertility is due to a lack of sex hormones an erection may decrease as well.

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