The Startling Divorce Rates In America

Divorce costs in America have climbed to shocking stages. On a worldwide level it truly is projected that from 25% to 33% of families are headed by single-mothers. As divorce rates in America have climbed in recent years , the proportion of households guided by single-mothers has climbed to match global averages. As a matter of fact due to the extremely high divorce rates in America, we now have the highest single-parent family rate of any developed nation. In 1998 34% of American families happen to be single-parent families as compared to 22% in Canada, and 19% within Denmark. In 1970 only 13% of children lived with a single parent as compared to nearly 25% today.

Divorce rates in the States experienced a disturbing rise following the hippie movement of the 1960’s. Since 1965 to 1995 the divorce rate nearly doubled in the United States. A lot of people cite the lack of compatibility as a root-cause of divorce. Other people declare they have fallen out of love with their spouse and have found or are seeking their “soul mate.” The studies however show that remarriage has a higher divorce rate than first time marriage. The divorce rates the United States where remarriage is concerned, fall alongside these lines. Almost 40% of first marriages end in divorce compared with around sixty percents of second marriages and approximately 75 percent of a third marriages. Quite simply practice doesn’t make perfect after all.

Why are divorce rates in the United States so excessive? Well experts are split as to the exact cause many strategies have been offered. Freedom is definitely one of the top priorities in the United States. Just one result of this is that we have the tendency to fight against anything that hinders our liberty. If couples are in a relationship where they feel that their liberty is being constricted they tend to value their liberty greater than their marriage commitment. Another reason that divorce rates might be so high in the United States is due to the monetary opportunities available to women. While women in many developing countries may not have the opportunity to work or be independent, women in America have these options and so may be less likely to remain in an unsatisfactory relationship. Cohabitation may also lead to the excessive divorce rates in the United States. Many couples approach serious romantic engagements with the idea that they can abandon if he or she want to. Instead of waiting for sex to be experienced throughout the marriage relationship they cheapen it by treating sex as a diversion rather than a bonding experience reserved for marriage.

The excessive divorce rates in America impact families, children and society in general. Parents experience the loss of a close relationship with their children. Children undergo emotionally, academically, economically and psychologically. Society in general suffers as families that are unified and sound become a thing of the past. You can do your part in maintaining a healthy society in several ways. You can learn how to improve your own marriage. You can learn how to share good advice with couples that can be struggling. And you will learn how to reach out to hurting children who are suffering. The high divorce rates in United States are a negative aspect of our society but you can help to fix the trouble.

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