The Age Changes In Male’s Organism.

Age-related changes in men lead to less stimulation, longer duration of intercourse (it increases the time to orgasm), to achieve an erection requires more time and / or more direct stimulation of the penis, the intensity (hardness) of erection weakens, decreasing the amount of seminal fluid and power emissions ejaculate during orgasm is reduced, the erection disappears quickly extended period “nonexcitability (refractory period) before the subsequent erection.

Old men do not experience feelings that could be compared with women at menopause. In men, symptoms of hormonal changes associated with age, less visible and less impact on health. By age 50, men have low levels of progesterone and testosterone (male sex hormone) falls progressively from 55-60 years, which leads to a decrease in overall sexual tension and erotic excitability. In this case, the desired frequency of orgasms of men after 60 years is average 1-2 times a week. Vicarious reception of testosterone enhances sexual desire and fantasy, but, contrary to existing ideas, does not improve erections, does not increase its duration and ease of occurrence.

Ability to get an erection in healthy men saved all his life. Man after 60 years is required 2-3 times longer to reach full erection than in younger years. Simultaneously decreases the angle of erection. At the age of 60 years, 35% of men have erection problems.

Among persons over 70 the weakness or lack of erection becomes a problem for half of the married men, but the main reason is the general deterioration in health rather than to reduce interest in sex.

With age the duration of nocturnal erections decreases: in the age of twenty, it is three hours, then at the age of 80 is reduced to half.

With regular erotic and sexual stimulation in elderly person is preserved and maintained higher levels of sexual reaction. Disappearing of sense of inevitability of ejaculation which allows control of the duration of sexual intercourse better and to continue its unlimited time. But if at this age there are long periods of sexual activity, it could lead to the extinction of the sexual function.

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