The Potency And Diabetes. The Reasons And Treatment

What is diabetes?
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is rather common disease at men older than 40 years. The causes of diabetes are the lack of glucose assimilation by cells and its increasing in blood to toxic concentrations. As a result, the disease affects all organs and systems, besides it causes a decrease in potency. Therefore, if you are overweight, you have a wanton thirst, the pressure became to “jump”, the sight is worsened- it is worth considering, what if the diabetes is the cause of it. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment is started, the easier it is to avoid complications.
Why does diabetes affect the potency?

As it was stated above, diabetes affects many organs and systems, genital sphere isn’t an exception. Often, a man notices a violation of potency or erection first of all and seek medical attention. Diabetes mellitus in the early stages occurs without symptoms.

How the diabetes causes a decrease in potency?
This complex mechanism can be simplistically divided into several groups according to affected organs, which can not fully perform their functions.
The nervous system is responsible for erection, the tone of the urinary tract. Its affection during DM (neuropathy) leads to erectile dysfunction, chronic inflammation, premature ejaculation. A brain suffers too, so it can be depression, mood swings. This also adversely affects the intimate life.

The glands that produce hormones, on the background of high blood sugar levels reduces the production of testosterone (the main “male hormone), thyroid hormone (responsible for the overall tone of the body). This leads to a decrease of libido (sex drive) and erectile dysfunction.

The vessels (veins and arteries) due to deposition of glucose in the walls are narrow and rigid. Therefore, the blood supply of pelvic organs and penis suffers, arousal and erections become weaker.

The overall tone of the body and immunity reduces during diabetes. Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs may become more frequent, also weakness, fatigue may occur.

In spite that diabetes is a serious disease that has different mechanisms. It is in your power to prevent development of complications and stop the decline in potency and maintain overall health.

How to improve the potency during diabetes
First of all, at the first sign of disease you should consult with a specialist. He will examine you and, if necessary, prescribe the treatment. Before and after the visiting the doctor follow the general tips, useful in reducing the potency. These are recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. If you have any bad habits (smoking, alcohol), it is necessary to try to get rid of them. Try to move actively, walk on the open air, to reduce the weight, keep a diet (more fiber, protein, less sweet and starchy foods), avoid stress (they cause a rise of sugar in blood). If your doctor has prescribed you medication you should take them regularly, you can not avoid fluctuations glucose level in blood. Maintenance of these simple tips will improve the potency and quality of sexual life and prevent further progression of the disease.

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