Vitamin D And The Level Of Sex Hormones In Men

At present time it is established that the low level of vitamin D in men is associated with the low level of sex hormones, a lack of which affects the health of the heart and bones. According to different studies, vitamin D deficiency leads to long-term adverse effects, manifested in the reduction of estrogen, not testosterone. The investigation of the Research University shows that estrogen, testosterone and vitamin D work together to prevent bone disease and cardiovascular system.

The leading scientist cardiologist of the Reseach University said: “All three steroid hormones – vitamin D, estrogen and testosterone are made of cholesterol the content of which in blood is known to affect the health of blood vessels and bones. Our study allows us to better understand how to influence these three components on the cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

The undertaken study which is a part of a larger project considers the relationship between the low vitamin D level and the risk of heart disease among men. Its goal was to compare the risks of disease among people with low vitamin D levels and those with a vitamin D at higher levels.

During the study the testosterone and estrogen levels were measured at men. There were no links between the levels of testosterone, vitamin D, cardiovascular and bone diseases. However, the low level of estrogen in combination with the low level of vitamin D definitely showed an increased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.
“These results confirm our assumption that sufficient vitamin D is important for a good health of the bone system and that the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease is largely determined by a complex and combined interaction of hormones. In particular, vitamin A deficiency affects the production of estrogen.”

The researches are planning to study blood samples from women in order to find the revealed laws that they have. A new study confirms the findings of previous studies that the low level of vitamin D increases the risk of heart disease. Study of the relationships between Vitamin D and hormones will continue in order to clearly define the role of Vitamin D in the prevention of heart disease, stroke and maintain healthy bones. Currently the scientists recommend the increased intake of vitamin D, contained in cod, sardines, as well as in dairy products and, of course, in vitamin supplements. It is also recommended to visit the sun and sunbathe frequently.

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