Ways To Walk Away From A Bad Marriage

“Love is blind indeed, marriage is its eye-opener”. When two lovers enter into agreement to marry each other, after their marriage rites, and wedding, they become one inseparable body. Tragedy looms when the love binding them together becomes blind; and the lovers’ love refuses to love again, consequently, things begin to fall apart. Once, you begin to notice that you and your ”life-partner” or better still, your ”better-half”, have run out of compassion and patience for each other, nothing at all in common any longer: no hugging, no kissing, no eating together, no discussion, even when it concerns your children; no more intimate duties or interactions of any kind, worst still; the room and bed you use to share together could no longer contain both of you, then you need no one to tell you that your marriage has gone sour, and therefore, it is time to walk away from your bad marriage.

There is no doubt that majority of women love so much without reservation, no wonder in so many marriages it is the woman who suffers most as the victim of bearing the “cross of a bad marriage”, only a few men are victims. Some detrimental signals that can help you know that your marriage is bad include: intolerable abuse of any form, acts of infidelity especially in your presence, total loss of trust, distancing from you, incessant lying, un forgiveness and beating. Moreover, if he is seriously telling you in many ways that he doesn’t want to continue with you any longer and a lot of other pointers that signals that the relationship is over. When this is the order of the day, then simply pick courage, put yourself together and ask yourself questions and answer them sincerely to ascertain that you are not the cause of the problem. Also, to ensure that the marriage is over or could still re-bounce back with the services of a marriage counselor. Following this step, I believe will help you to know how to walk away from your bad marriage.

One of the ways you can securely walk away from a bad marriage is to silently park some of your things and step aside for some time and watch whether he will come for you. During this period, you have to avoid going to spend the period at suspicious places. His parent’s or your parent’s place is alright depending on your relationship with both sides and pray God’s intervention.
Also, you can walk away from a bad marriage by tactically leaving your children behind for your husband to have a full taste of caring for his children for some time depending on the cause of your walking away from your marriage. Constant questions from children that are missing their mother’s love and care might resolve the issue.
You can also walk away from a bad marriage by taking all your children along with you depending on the gravity of what is on ground, and seek refuge in the residence of your marriage sponsor; while your sponsor approach him for settlement.

The best bet is to separate for some time and seek solace in God, the author and foundation of marriage. You can do this simply by leaving your home with just a few clothing to a solitary location, say to a mountain or the equivalent, and sincerely handover everything to God. Once you are still sincerely interested in the marriage, God weighs the heart. He is the most faithful of all friends. God will surely restore your marriage and give you a new peace, joy and love in Chris Jesus, then you continue on a brand new platform.
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