Win Him Back From The Other Woman

Are you trying to get your ex back and you have found out that there is another woman involved? Are you angry and hurt and wish that you knew how to steal him back from the other woman? Does it tear your heart out to think of them together and you wish that all of this was just a bad dream and that you could just wake up and it would all be over?

The truth is that it can be very easy to get your ex back even if there is another woman involved and what he probably feels for her isn’t what it might appear to be no matter what he might say to you. Even if he says that he has moved on the fact remains that there is a chunk of his heart and his soul that is still yours and it’s your job to bring those emotions to the surface and make him feel that passion that was once only yours.

If it helps you to push past the pain of knowing that he is with someone else you should know that most rebound relationship don’t work out. Once the newness of being with someone else wears off and the possible excitement of sneaking around behind your back is gone he will see that she has flaws. She will also lose interest in him once she feels that she has stolen him away from you and often the relationship will fall apart all on its own. But you need to do your part and back off a little bit and stop applying that pressure to him to get back together since this is often a uniting force between the two of them.

Instead of trying to talk him into getting back together or making him feel bad for hurting you it is important that you come learn how to move him emotionally without it looking like you’re being manipulative or trying to get him back. You are going to have to be a little stealthy and know what makes a guy stop for a moment and then begin to feel warm emotions for someone. We are talking about the kind of emotions that even if he is with someone else will cause him to dump her and come crawling back to you begging you for another chance.

You might think that this sounds quite impossible but I think you know that trying to convince him using logic just isn’t going to cut it at the moment. You need to make him want you, need you, desire you and regret the decision that he made in choosing someone else over you before he will ever be open to getting back together. You are going to have to push him over the emotional brink and bring him to his knees in order to get him back and take control of your relationship in the way that you need right now.

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