6 Reasons To Go In For Karate

“Kiai-Jutsu” is a karate Section, in which people are trained to paralyze an opponent with an eerie cry.

1. You will win the competition without getting the injuries
There is a separate discipline of competitions in karate; it is a performing of “kata”, or solo songs. Kata is an analogue of a fight with the shadow from the box.

2. You will be able to perform in kickboxing competitions
The karate experience allows it. Competitions for some non-contact karate styles (for example, Shotokan) are very similar to kickboxing fights in the discipline of the seven-pin (“limited contact” when a bout is suspended for scoring after each exact hit). There are many examples when “karateka” were more successful in kickboxing. American Troy Dorsey started with karate, then became a world champion in kickboxing, and even the first athlete in the world won the world title in professional boxing.

3. You can do without a sparring partner
In comparison with judo karate provides a greater scope for self-study. You do not need a mat, or sparring for training. You need to have time and place (the park or a bedroom). The idea is to take karate not as a sport which is enough to go to 3 times a week but as a way of life. The effect of regular exercise should be to consolidate by the independent daily activities.

4. You’ll become flexible
The elasticity of ligaments and muscles is so necessary for a long and happy life. It is a bonus of any kind of martial arts. And by the way, those who fear that the real karateka must sit on the twine as Jean-Claude Van Damme are wrong. It is not necessary.

5. You’ll improve the potency
Karateka do not drink Viagra and not have a set of special techniques, dealing with erectile dysfunction. A simple kicking which there are a lot in karate provides a powerful blood flow to your vital organs. Good microcirculation and disposal of venous stasis in the pelvic area is what you need for a good health.

6. You’ll have steel nerves
If you want to do karate, the following awards will be waiting for you: steady mind, fast response and sharp eye. First, traditional karate involves a series of tests on breaking boards. And here it will have to overcome not some sort of shyness in front of your rival, but a fear of breaking your arm. Secondly, this fight is like sport fencing: one must have to stop his punch in a centimeter from the body of the rival. And imagine how quickly and unpredictably your goal is moving. In fact, this is a grand master level, going on that you are likely to even be able to catch the flies with chopsticks (as Jackie Chan does in his movies).

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